Shay Michaels & Kyle King Will Cause Multiple ‘Gasms

Just look at these two! Bulging in their jockstraps and smirking their faces off, acting like they’re not giving me the biggest boner in the history of the universe. I mean, it’s a scientific fact that Shay Michaels and Kyle King are two of the hottest motherfuckers on the planet. When you put them together, things are bound to get explosive. It’s the Big Bang all over again. Except with a whole lot more bangin’.

There is pre-cum dripping down my thigh as I type this post, so that should give you an idea of the effect these men have on me. The scruffy faces! The damn near perfect asses! The lightly fuzzy torsos! Hold me, dear reader… I’m about to faint into a puddle of my own cum.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocksure Men

To check out Shay and Kyle in action, follow the JUMP:

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24 thoughts on “Shay Michaels & Kyle King Will Cause Multiple ‘Gasms

  1. wooof  nothing 2 say, he’s doing everything that i would do it if it was me 🙂 wooof oink 

  2. I’d consider paying real money to fuck Shay Michaels(the dark-haired one?) !  (I said I’d CONSIDER it ! 😉 lol

  3. There’s magic in KK’s ass…I think he was impaled by a unicorn or something. So fuckin sweet and dirty and hot ;P

  4. Hot Damn!

    Would love being that bottom. My eyes would be rolling in my head.

  5. Two real hot guys and seem to be really into it. Hot for each other and love to be with either or both

  6. Look at those mesh jock straps!  Look at those bulges!  Look at those asses!

    Can’t…breathe…Need…air…(eyes roll back in head)…*faints*

  7. I didn’t even read anything, all I saw was the first picture, and I just started saying, “Yes. Yes. VERY YES.”

  8. Kyle King is a far better on the bottom than the top…His vocal carry on in Movers & Shakers..(“oh,dude! OH MAN!..oh dude you’re tearing me apart with that big dick!) had me rolling on the floor laughing

    More amusing than arousing

  9. If Kyle just shut the fuck up, it’s a hot scene but he sounds so stupid! But damn HOT both men.

  10. Damn Fucking HOT …. Real SEXY HOT Men at play that is what I want … not the skinny Twinks too often showcased
    Shay and Kyle, I’d be their Sex salve any day

  11. Trying ‘hard’ to entertain…..  and very much SUCCEEDING!!  Hot hairy real guys; hot nasty trash talking; sweet round butts; bulges and grunts and tongues….   just the way I like it!

  12. Well they certainly make a sexy pair but just look at the ass on Kyle King!  Those cheeks make a sexy pair all by themselves. I sure like the cocks on these cocksure men.

  13. Should have been a flip flop Shay looks like he can take a good hard DICKING  and Kyle King  ( I don’t know  what I love more him or his ass  )  if I should ever get 2 FUCK him PLEASE ! PLEASE ! DO NOT WAKE ME   🙂 🙂 🙂  !!!

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