Sexy Charisma

Super-sexy & versatile Trent King is excited to make his debut and that it’s with hottie Ace Quinn! Trent has such a sexy charisma that he brings out the steamy side of Ace really well.

Ace is excited too and neither guy can wait to get started. As they make out Ace grinds on Trent and sucks his nipples and gets desired results: Trent’s big dick tenting his shorts.

After a little mouth teasing Ace gets Trent naked and it takes his mouth and both hands to service him..with some help from Trent. Still, when he enters Ace from behind he goes first. Once he flips him on his back, Trent thrusts in deeper & faster, while laying down passionate kisses.

Trent puts Ace on his back again he shoots his thick load over his torso. In turn Ace shoots a big load too all over himself. With their intensity dissipating Trent & Ace kiss sweetly, totally satisfied by their long-awaited encounter.


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