Sex Story: Out in The Rough

In my travels I spent a lot of time living in the woods because it is the cheapest and quietest option. If you’ve never stripped naked and freely jerked off outdoors then you don’t know what you are missing! It’s such a rush knowing that at any time someone could find you, out between the trees, with two fingers massaging your prostate, and the other hand furiously stroking your cock!

As it would happen I never got caught but one time I did have the great fortune of catching some others in the act. It was morning and I was searching for a quiet spot off the trail to disrobe when I heard the unmistakable moan of a young man being bred like a bitch in heat!

I crept towards the source of the noise and saw in the early light that I was only a few meters away from someone’s backyard. In that yard I could see a group of three or so with one on all fours in the middle. One was standing and stroking his throbbing member off to the side and the other was balls deep into the one on all fours.

I could hear them talking dirty to each other and I must’ve been pretty quiet in finding them because no one seemed to notice me even after I had started to masturbate myself. I wanted to join in but I didn’t want to ruin it so I just sat for a while, jerked until I came all over myself, and then quietly crawled off to leave them to it. They switched positions a couple times but even after I left I think they were still going at it out there in the rough. Moral is: if you hear a moan in the woods follow it!


Images and Video from Raging Stallion Sidewinder, Scene #03









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