Sensual Approach

The timing is perfect for Brock Banks & Max Konnor meeting up very hot for each other, knowing much more about themselves and the pleasure dynamics of topping and bottoming. Brock takes the sensual approach, sucking Max slowly and as he gets him hard. 

Eventually though Max takes his turn and as Brock gets on all fours he eats out his muscled ass in the same deliberate manner. Brock wants something more, buy Max calls the shots and tongue his hole more before flipping him over to face fuck him.

Soon, when Max wants Brock to ride him, he readily complies. Brock easily bounces up and down on the long thick cock, with some of Max’s help, and drives his hole even deeper.

 As their momentum edges them closer they slow down and as Brock wants, Max tilts him backward to drill him on his back. Finally he gets Brock into position for a steady prostate pounding.

But just before Max blows his load he pulls out for an intense orgasm and gives Brock an open mouth facial.

Brock sucks him dry and soon erupts in his own thick load. To be sure they’re both spent but still have the drive to end as they began with deep, affectionate kissing.


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