Sense8’s Brian J. Smith Is Dating Blue Bloods Star Matt Consalvo

A new celebrity couple is upon us!

Best known for playing Will on Sense8, Berg in The Matrix Resurrections, and Lt. Matthew Scott on Stargate Universe, Brian J. Smith has now confirmed that he’s dating fellow actor Matt Consalvo. Acting credits from Consalvo include Blue BloodsSpecial Ops: Lioness, and Adam & the Water.

The announcement came as Smith shared a series of Instagram stories (reposted by fan account @brianjsmithbrasil) about a recent surgery. In one story, the Sense8 actor took the time to thank Consalvo. He wrote:

“Surgery day! Couldn’t have done it without the love of my life – [Matt Consalvo].”

As Sense8 came to a sad and official end in 2018, Smith came out as gay in November 2019. The announcement came as a surprise – but also a huge delight – to Sense8 fans.

Smith’s recent work includes playing Daniel Lennix on Hulu’s Class of ’09. The actor is also attached to the upcoming Matthew Fifer horror film Treatment about a troubled gay millennial moving back to his childhood home and finding out that the town has a history of homophobic attacks. In turn, Consalvo is reportedly set to star on Starz’s Hightown.

We hope everything went well with Smith’s surgery. Otherwise, congratulations to the couple for taking on this new step of going Instagram official!

Via Out.Com

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