Secret Sex: Penn Badgley’s Hair

I’d still hit it! Look, I don’t know what’s going on with Penn Badgley‘s head right now, but that’s the first thought that went through my mind when I saw these pics on DListed. He could still get it. And he could get it in approximately nineteen and a half positions.

It’s unclear why I’m popping such a chub for Lonely Boy. I mean, the best thing he’s ever done since mumbling a lot on Gossip Girl was this, and that’s really not saying much. It’d be acceptable if he were in good shape, but I don’t even have that to fall back on! He looks like a normal person, and yet that somehow makes him more attractive to me…

Ugh, can I just shampoo that horrid mop of follicles with my jizz? Maybe we could pull off some sort of There’s Something About Mary effect, and it’d gel down that monstrosity for the good of all mankind. Please! I’m so mad at my dick right now.

(More pics here, by the way.)

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

8 thoughts on “Secret Sex: Penn Badgley’s Hair

  1. penn badgley?  no thanks  give me jason cameron anyday/night/place/time….btw, why no pix of mr. cameron?

  2. bt it looks like Penn has cleaned up his act, from the last show I show on Gossip Girl, looked like he had been working out and his hair was more reasonable

  3. i hear ya. there is something erotic about penn badgley’s holier than thou antics. Makes you wanna fuck him even further. Im guessing the hair and the reg physique are for that jeff buckley film? He had a hot body in Easy A, great arms and really nice pecs.

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