Rob Kardashian’s Big Beefy Bum

The Kardashians are a pox on humanity, and they are the primary reason for why Southern California should slide into the sea more quickly than it’s fated to. However, little brother Rob Kardashian has a big fat ass that bounces and jiggles delightfully. I want to stuff things up it. Like my penis.

We’ve posted about this topic before, but someone on Tumblr recently posted a whole series of Rob Kardashian bubble butt pics. We need to share. The Manhunt Daily reader who can locate a clearer pic of Rob’s bare ass will receive Unlimited Access on Manhunt for a lifetime. No joke.

It’s amazing how his sister’s big fat ass makes me heave but the same feature on her brother is making my cock knock on the underside of my desk.



Robert Kardashian and Cheryl Burke at DWTS rehearsal











283 thoughts on “Rob Kardashian’s Big Beefy Bum

  1. The kid definitely has a big ass, I wonder how long a cock it would take to get into his boy hole to fuck him ? Not that appealing to me but who knows if I saw a clear picture of him totally naked.

  2. He’s a sorry excuse for skin, just like the rest of the K clan..why do you give them the attention?

  3. what a hottie! always thought he was sexier than his slutty sister, but would love for a sex tape to come out with hiim and his bro in law Scott! LOL! No pics of him in a speedo or some tighty whitey’s?

  4. I saw they said he gained weight on TMZ I was surprised. I wonder if dancing helped him and them stopped and well this.
    No offense to him of course.

  5. Never watched the”show”, but sadly hear alot about these parasites that seems have no shame or talent to be even remotely entertaining…other than the waste of time they are on TV what do they actual do for the world or humanity in general?…as for this over weight kid, what value is it to me?…ummm, NONE! he appears in need of a gym or at least step back from the buffet bar at Shoneys….damn, I know I am cruel…

  6. Those of you whom says he needs to hit a gym, give us the name of your gym memberships that you apply to. Or better yet give us a picture of your rock hard body. He’s a good looking guy & has a great looking ass. I love nice beefy bubble butts.

  7. he’s a great looking guy, not enough for me to watch this shitty TV show but if he offered his ass I could eat it for hours and try to stick a few things in it.

    Guys with big butts are the best! And I’m so fucking TIRED of this emphasis among gay people on “who has the biggest cock” blablabla I’m gay and I don’t give a fuck about dicks. A guy could have a vagina instead and I wouldn’t mind but a BIG BOOTY!! I live for this 🙂

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