Rihanna: “Where Have You Been”

Despite alienating a significant portion of her fanbase with “the collaboration that dare not speak its name”, pop songstress Rihanna has bounced back with a jam that’s sure to be a contender for 2012’s Song of Summer. The jam in question, “Where Have You Been”, acts as the fourth official single from her Talk That Talk album, and it’s (arguably) one of her best yet.

Then again, if you don’t exactly agree with that sentiment, you should at least be able to acknowledge that it’s a MASSIVE pop song (whether you like it or not)… Because, like, if this song were a dick, it’d be so huge that it’d flop out from the waistband and knock you unconscious.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the music video for “Where Have You Been”:

PS: I hate the part of me that loves Rihanna so much. Sorry.

976 thoughts on “Rihanna: “Where Have You Been”

  1. man.. this girl.. has gone worst and worst… :7 she looks stunnin in long black hair, but  gos, why is she  doing exactle what everytone does, another good girl gone trash

  2. There’s something about this video and song that just screams, “It would have been better with Beyonce.”   It’s not bad, but it’s not overwhelming.      However, anything to keep Katy Perry off the airwaves is fine by  me.  

  3. i don’t know. i love rihanna, and i love dance music, but this is like the 50th david guetta knock off i’ve heard this year. one of those producer-driven club songs where it could be rihanna, nicki minaj, chris brown, anyone doing the vocals.

  4. The video I’ll give you. But the song? Beyonce has too much of a voice to pull this off. She would over-sing the crap out of this.

  5. She’s made better tracks (IMO) … but it’s catchy. I prefer Rihanna when she’s allowed to be the KEY to the track (What’s My Name, Umbrella, We Found Love, etc.) rather than just an interchangeable vocal on top of a good beat. 

  6. All of you are some crazy bitches this song is great and she kills it, the video is fantastic as well! lol

  7. Dewitt, 2012’s song of Summer is “Call me Maybe”. This doesn’t even come close as a contender.

  8. All of y’all will be eating your words when this song grows on you, slaps you in the face and provides the soundtrack for EVERY sweaty gay (or non-gay) outing you go to.


  9.  Beyonce can’t really pull off edgy. She tried with Run The World and it was not that great of a video. Rihanna killed both the song and the vid.

  10. no, but that was a serious question…I like this video, but they only seem to stay up on Youtube for a few minutes, then they are gone and MTV only shows “Make Me a Pregnant Teen on the Jersey Shore World Challenge”

  11. Thank you Dewitt for posting this video! I’ve been in LOVE with this track since the album’s release. It’s gonna be a summer smash for sure! The video is alright, I would’ve loved to see Rihanna polish up her dance skills like Beyonce did in 08. There’s just not enough dancing in this video to keep up with the energy of the song. 

  12. Scantily clad dancers? Check. Highly repetitive and unimaginative lyrics? Check. Overprocessed vocals? Check. “Edgy” video? Check. Must be another Rihanna song.

    I think people are getting tired of her doing the same thing over and over. “We Found Love” was the only single from the album to have hit the top 10 on Billboard. Good Girl Gone Bad was the last album of hers I bought, and at least had some variety to it. The rest of her albums since then have been uninspired and lazy retreads of their predecessors. I guess quantity over quality is her motto.

  13. That was my first thought – someone with a better voice needs to do this song – Rihanna sounds like a thousand other gay dance tracks. And Beyonce could pull this off – once she pulls the diva stick out her ass.

  14. While this is a hot dance track I think that 2012 is the transition year where Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Adele are going to be yesterdays news. It’s all about the new class and it’s lead by the boy bands: One Direction and The Wanted. They have only just begun. As far as a hot track by a young new female artist – that belongs to Carly Rae Jepsen and Call Me Maybe. But going back to Rihanna, I will be surprised if she gets another hit off of Talk That Talk.

  15. I’ll agree with you about Katy Perry and Gaga, but I’d add Rihanna to that list and take Adele off. Adele may not put out an album every single year like the others, but her music is a lot more timeless than the others, plus she can really sing with emotion and doesn’t have to rely on production tricks and outlandish costumes to sell records or concert tickets. Of the three I mentioned earlier, only Gaga really has good vocals, but she’s more interested in being ‘artistic’ than in putting out something of lasting quality. 

    I don’t think Adele’s next album will sell as well as ’21’, but that would be a hard record to top for anyone.  

  16. I like the video. The song took a bit of coming around to… I think it’s because I’m Australian and every time I heard the opening lyric, my mind would go to “I’ve been everywhere man. I’ve been everywhere man. I’ve been to Toowong, Tuggranong…” etc. I always skipped this song as a result of the association haha. 

  17. No shade, ’cause I love Beyonce (and have since her Destiny’s Child days), but… Is she capable of pulling the diva stick out of her ass?

  18. You say the new class is led by the boy bands, yet Gotye and fun. both stole the number one spot from them.

    HMMMMMMM… What do we make of THAT?

  19. Diva stick? People I swear… I’ve heard NO stories of her being a diva, she’s been nothing but human and she’s now got a stick up her ass? Pleaseeeeeeee.

  20. NO! What an annoying song. I’m thinking “Brokenhearted” by Karmen, or probably that wanted song

  21. Yes, Gotye and Fun definitely are dominating at #1 right now with their current hits, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they end up being one hit wonders. I just have a gut feeling that One Direction and The Wanted will be able to crank out a string of hits.  

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