Rihanna & Mikky Ekko: “Stay”

Good news for anyone who wants to watch excessive amounts of footage with Rihanna sitting in a bath tub and looking sad! The music video for her duet with Mikky Ekko, “Stay”, premiered today in a not-at-all-strategically-planned “leak”, and it finds the Bajan pop princess doing her best (and most depressing) Lena Dunham impression.

She is so deep and interesting, you guys! What an artist! How heartbreaking! Look at her showing off how vulnerable she is! This isn’t forced or laughable at all! Really!

Over-the-top visual component aside, “Stay” might be the only song that’s even remotely worthwhile on Ms. Fenty’s latest album. It’s already getting significant play on the radio, so if you were already putting your umbrellas away in anticipation of the Rihanna reign letting up*, you might want to think twice.

– Dewitt

* SEE WHAT I DID THERE??? I’m just as deep and interesting as Rihanna.

Watch the music video for “Stay” below:

811 thoughts on “Rihanna & Mikky Ekko: “Stay”

  1. seriously — thank you!
    what the fuck is the obsession with rihanna? she’s fucking ugly as hell, can’t sing, and keeps pumping out completely unimpressive crap — why the hell won’t she go away?

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