Ricky Martin turns leather daddy for new fashion shoot… and wants you to “drink your milk”

Ricky Martin has done a sexy fashion shoot for the Netherlands edition of the European magazine Numéro. In a couple of the images, the 52-year-old is wearing what appears to be leather. He posted several images to his Instagram — swipe through to see them all. What appear to be baggy leather pants are from Emporio Armani.

The clothing he wears on the magazine’s cover is by Bottega Veneta: a brand known for its leather goods. 

The images have been overwhelmingly welcomed by fans with a storm of ‘flame’ emojis and approving comments. 

More acting work lined up

In the accompanying interview, Martin talked about his career, his inspirations, and his charity work. He’s currently touring Spain. He also talked about his most recent acting gig on Apple+ TV’s Palm Royale. He could not, however, say if the series is going to be returning for a second season.

“I love what I’m doing in ‘Palm Royale’. I love the story. The cliffhanger in the first season’s finale is so powerful. We don’t know what’s going to happen next. I can’t say much more.”

After his current tour dates, he’s back in the studio and has more acting work lined up.

“I will lock myself in the studio to record more music. I will be releasing a single within the next couple of weeks that I hope you enjoy. It is not energetic, it’s mid tempo, but also very sweet and sexy. I love it. And I’m closing some really powerful acting projects that are going to be of impact. There’s going to be a lot of acting next year.”

“Drink your milk”

In a separate Instagram post yesterday, Martin posted a photo of himself from one of his tour dates in Seville, Spain. He’s wearing a T-shirt with the words “Drink Your Milk” emblazoned across the front. 

The limited-edition T-shirts were launched by gay actor Jonathan Bailey and fashion brand Loewe. A donation from the sale of each T-shirt will go to Bailey’s newly launched Shameless Fund. The aim of the fund is to raise money to donate to small, local LGBTQ non-profits fighting for queer rights around the globe. 

“To forge a world where every LGBTQ+ person can live authentically, love freely and thrive without the burdens of discrimination, oppression or shame,” says a statement on its website.

The “Drink Your Milk” slogan comes from a sexually-charged scene in Fellow Travelers, which starred Bailey and Matt Bomer.

“OF COURSE I would wear this shirt on opening night of my tour of Spain!” Martin said in a caption beside his photos. “Thank you @JBayLeaf x @Loewe for inviting me to support your incredible initiative.” On an Instagram story yesterday, Bailey said the initial run of T-shirts have sold out within hours of going on sale. Anyone interested in purchasing one should follow @theshamelessfund for information about when new ones are available.

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