Ricky Martin Opens Up (Again!) About His Love Of Feet

Joy Behar is coming for Ricky Martin!

The singer and actor, currently starring in Palm Royale on Apple TV+, is hotter than ever. So when he appeared on The View, it only makes sense that the hosts would be asking him about his hotness. What we didn’t expect, though, was for the conversation to turn to feet!

In his recent appearance on the show, host Sunny Hostin asked Martin about a recent shirtless thirst trap he posted on Instagram.

“I was bored in the bathroom – wait a minute, stop right there!” Martin joked. “My posts were getting like 25,000 likes, maybe 40, and I”m like, ‘let’s just push it a little bit.’ This one got 300,000 likes!”

Then, co-host Joy Behar dipped her toe into the conversation.

“We’re Learning a lot about you,” Behar interjected. “I heard you’re a foot fetishist also.”

“I love feet,” Martin admitted. “And I heard you have beautiful feet.”

“Not only I, all of us are on WikiFeet,” she said.

“Not me,” said co-host Whoopi Goldberg ( though she is, in fact, included on the site).

“Mine, I don’t know, I’m a dancer, so I don’t know,” Martin added with a smile. “But some people like mine.”

In an interview with GQ earlier this year, Martin opened up publicly about his well-documented foot fetish.

“I love feet. I have a foot thing. I love foot massages, and I would kiss your feet like crazy for hours. But we all have something. Some have a fetish of armpits,” he said.

He also talked about posting pictures of his own feet on Instagram for his followers and fans.

“Let’s open the conversation! Let me like this comment that said, ‘I like your feet.’ I have fans that can draw my feet like a piece of art. They write to me: ‘Ricky, I can recognize your feet a mile away.'”

Check out Ricky Martin’s full appearance on The View in the video below. (The conversation about thirst traps and feets stars at around the 8:16 mark. You’re welcome.)

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