Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef’s Instagrams, Told Through Ricky’s Foot Fetish

Where were you when Ricky Martin told the world he had a foot fetish? I honestly do not remember where I was, but it was 2017 and it’s a nugget that come to mind every now and again. In a television interview with Harry Connick Jr, the King of Latin Pop made the revelation.

“Ricky, we think that we know everything about you” Connick said in the segment. “You’ve been around for a little while and we all know so much about you, all over the world, people know so much about you. But I would like you to tell me, and tell us a secret that nobody knows.”

As Connick hypes up the moment, Martin looks into the distance, licks his lips, and thinks a bit. “Don’t judge me please”  Martin says. “I have a crazy foot fetish. Like crazy. It’s bad. It’s like high, nice to meet you …” he mimics looking down at the person’s feet. 

“Can a foot be a deal-breaker for you?” Connick responds. “Oh yes, it can be a deal-breaker,” Martin confirms. “Pretty feet are pretty feet, ugly feet are like duck fights.”

I think about this exchange a lot, particularly when I’m going through his Instagram and the account of his husband Jwan Yosef. As someone who’s not necessarily into feet, I think nothing of Martin’s penchant to be barefoot — I thought it had to do with his love of beaches. But every once in a while I think: is this a jackpot for other fetishists? Is this some sort of secret communication device? All these toes, the soles of their feet .. trust me, making the realization feels like if you have stepped through some sort of portal.

That in mind, I took the liberty of going through a few years of posts from both Martin and Yosef’s Instagram account and looking for some of the best shots of their feet. I was not disappointed.

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