Ricky Martin Had the Same Reaction We Did to Seeing Sense8 Actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre Nude

Miguel Ángel Silvestre first won our hearts when he starred as the openly gay character Lito Rodriguez in Netflix’s Sense8, but he really got our motor running when we saw his nude Esquire Spain cover.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones bowled over by the steamy pics because Puerto Rican heartthrob Ricky Martin had the same reaction!

Back in March, when Silvestre posted the photo on Instagram, the pop star took to the comments to write, “Guapura” — which means good looks or handsome in Spanish — alongside the fire and praise hands emojis, Queerty reported. Martin’s now ex-husband, Jwan Yosef, also posted fire and star emojis under the photo.

Then, nine months later, we finally got to hear what Silvestre thought of the heaps of praise he received for the cover photo from both Martin and his male fans when he was answering reporters’ questions at the premiere of The Envoys season 2.

“Well, with a lot of pride and even more so coming in that case from Ricky Martin, who I also say is beautiful,” Silvestre said, according to Queerty’s reporting of a video uploaded to TikTok by local journalist Ismael Muta. “I have been listening to him since I was very little, then I was lucky enough to find him. He is a beautiful man in every way, and I feel very flattered.”

Sadly, though, when asked if he would consider starting an OnlyFans account, the hunky actor said no and simultaneously crushed the dreams of gay men around the world.

“No, no I have not thought about that,” he said while laughing, before adding, “Let me ask my mom to see what she thinks.”

Fingers crossed, his mom gives him the green light, and he changes his mind!

As for whether the Money Heist actor has a loved one back home who we should all be jealous of, he was very tight-lipped. “I don’t talk about my private life,” Silvestre said. “But thank you for asking.”

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