Richard Is All Smiles (‘Cause He’s About To Get Pounded)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this important update on Sean Cody model Richard. After appearing in our prestigious Everything Butt series, the muscular jock has made us proud by spreading his cheeks and getting fucked for the very first time. Congratulations on losing your butt-sex virginity!

Again, this is one of those rare instances when we actually believe the studio’s claim that he’s never taken it up the ass. Just look at those faces he’s making! His scene partner Nolan was quite passionate with him, kissing and caressing and exploring every inch of his rock hard body. By the end of their session together, Richard was getting vocal and moaning for more. We guess he liked it, eh?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Sean Cody

To check out Richard and Nolan in action, follow the JUMP:

11 thoughts on “Richard Is All Smiles (‘Cause He’s About To Get Pounded)

  1. Look at those guns! Look at those facial expressions as he takes that cock! Richard is fucking sexy six ways to Tuesday. I hope Sean Cody turns him into a total butt slut.

  2. This was a very hot scene especially when Richard was on top of Nolan, uhhhh I just melted!!!

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