The Return Of Pierre Fitch!

Is it Christmas already? Pierre Fitch is back!

Pierre Fitch returns! The sexy superstar is back after a porn hiatus, eager to try out the newer Cocky Boys models…like Calvin Banks! Calvin is also excited to be with the 3.0 beefcake edition of Pierre. As they lie in bed kissing, Calvin explores Pierre’s muscles and soon he’s skillfully sucking his thick cock, visibly impressing the porn legend. Pierre returns the favor by hungrily sucking and deep-throating Calvin’s huge cock ” Love that big dick”. In turn Calvin deep-throats and sucks Pierre with even more enthusiasm, prompting Pierre’s vocal responses…and even more sucking, this time as Calvin stands before him.

He’s definitely gotten beefier, and it’s fucking hot. The combo of beefy Pierre and lean, mean Calvin Banks getting seriously slutty with each other is a winner, and PIERRE FITCH IS BACK! Did I type that already? Click here for more!

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