Raw Dogs: 4 Of Your Faves Melt Into A “Cuddle Puddle”

I have so many questions about NextDoorRaw’s Cuddle Puddle.

The story – Paul Canon, Dalton Briggs, Ty Thomas, and Jackson Traynor lay around a living room and eventually bareback fuck each other.


– Can Dalton Briggs be my straight friend who is more than ok with dudes gobbling his hard-on?

– Why did Paul Canon say that Jackson Traynor was boring just cuz’ he was asleep. Jackson fucks HARD after he finally awakens to join the dogpile, sorry, cuddle puddle. Stop being so Judge Judy, Paul!

– Ty Thomas is fucking cute. That’s not a question. It just has to be said.

– Why isn’t Dalton Briggs used more often as the spokesdick for cute guys with sexy southern accents?

– Are “cuddle puddles” like sex toy parties or Tupperware parties? Is this a nationwide thing for dudes who fuck dudes? We should make franchises!

So many questions! Scroll down for more of Cuddle Puddle, and click here to watch it all! Up to, and including the blowing of loads!

Michael Xavier

Press ▷ to watch the teaser below.


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