Random Question: Where Are The Sexiest Men?

Where in the world are the sexiest men? This question sparked a wild interoffice debate here at Manhunt headquarters, after one of our colleagues argued that Spain is the hottest destination for tight male bodies. The following pics were used as evidence in support of his argument.

Some might make the case that Brazil takes the prize in this competition, calling attention to sexy models like Jonas Sulzbach and Bernardo Velasco. Size queens might show support for Denmark, Australia or Sweden, the three countries with the largest average penis size. For those of you who have done some traveling (or those of you who haven’t), where do you think you’d find the most attractive gentlemen?

– Dewitt

To check out more hot men from Spain, follow the JUMP:

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49 thoughts on “Random Question: Where Are The Sexiest Men?

  1. I would say def. say Spain has some sexy men. Brazil, Israel, and of course, the USA are close behind.

  2. From where I’ve been, Montreal has some of the hottest men in my opinion. I love french men, and I found a lot of them had that bad boy image I love.

  3. Hahaha, that’s Sitges and I’ve met VERY FEW Spanish men there. Everyone’s visiting from somewhere else! So, the answer, it seems, is where do all the hot men go to take a break? And that could be any gay resort in the world.

  4. this question is totally subjective. there would never be one straight answer for it. every one has diffferent likes

  5. Mike
    I have always found South Africans to be very very hot, add there accent and its just amazing.

  6. No country seems to have a lock on that description. I’ve never yet been in any country that didn’t have a plethora of hot men. My own personal preferences run to a smooth, well defined, dark/tanned color, black hair/eyes. However any fairly well-built man is hot under the right conditions.

  7. Swedes are generally the hottest. Of course there are exceptions wich confirms the rule but they are really hot.

  8. Anywhere that a speedo is the-dress-of-the-day. I would love to find the guy who designed boardshorts (blasphemy) and have a little SAW I-VI role play weekend with him!

  9. Some people would say Toronto just because there are guy from all over the world here, but beauty is a subjective matter and not all the guys in Toronto are that hot. Other places to find hot guys are Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Israel.

  10. and who wants to go to toronto.. its head is so far up its own ass! just kidding, but i’m a fan of the vancouver men

  11. What a stupid question. If you haven’t noticed that even on all the pics you show on just this site, you have one guy say no and the next one say he is in love or at least lust. Every guy has their own idea of what great looking guy is. If you would ask a million guys to give in great detail what the perfect guy for him was, you would not find 2 that were exactly the same. I have done some traveling. All 50 states and 11 countries, and I have found great looking guys every were I went. Yes some places seem to have a few more then others, but still they are out there all over just look.

  12. Why does sexy = smooth body? I am a hairy guy and I never feel sexy because of my hairiness. I have a flat stomach, okay chest, but still will never look like these guys in these pics. Does that mean I am not sexy? I dont feel sexy when i look at these pics. I know it is a personal problem. What do you guys think?

  13. totally subjective (and hence stupid) question… it’s like asking one’s favorite ice cream flavor! lol

  14. I think we’re clearly forgetting England. with our range from english toffs to scally lads. we have the best versatility in attractive men.
    if that isnt good enough, then choose sweden. my swedish boyfriend is F I T…

  15. I know I’m biased, but when I walk the streets of my home town, Melbourne, Australia, I’m in heaven … Have travelled a fair bit and have found sexy guys in every city, but if I never went anywhere again, I could be more than satisfied …

  16. australia.

    ud be surprised but if u go to a nice beach in lebanon or a fancy swimming pool/club, ud be surprised how many hot guys go there.

  17. Well I find the hottest men to usually come from the west. American/ Canadian men. But Belgian men are also super hot, Dutch as well as the Sweeds. I dont know but I get turned on by almost anything. 😀 Well what I think is hot. Race colour age and such dont play a role. Just look hot and be confident, and you won me over. In the shortest time i’d be dying to reach in your pants hahaha. Man i cant wait for summer, Hot men hardly wearing anything. Sadly enough where I live there are not so many lol.

  18. The Spanish islands of Ibiza and Gran Canaria are without any doubt where most of the spaniards gays go on holiday. Though, as sb said before, they’re also crowed with gay tourists, specially in August

  19. You can find sexy men ANYWHERE in the world. I’ve seen hot guys from Brazil, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Australia, South Africa, USA, Scotland, Ireland, and the U.K. But I think the hottest guy is a guy with a nice smile, nice eyes, a good personality, and confidence. A nice ass and a fat piece are just bonuses.

  20. i’m not quite sure how i feel about this question, either.

    …that really is a “subjective thing” — i don’t believe that many people would allow one person to define the answer for the whole, for example.

    at any rate, the only real way to get a decently-accurate answer (for one person) is to have him look at all adult males in every [area], “rank” ´em, and then have the results tabulated from there.
    which is a rather impossible task, isn’t it? (especially considering that even one previously-ranked guy can alter his look at any time, making his “attractiveness factor” fluctuate in either direction accordingly.)

    so, let’s see..
    ..for me, i think i might really like the (native) guys of hawai’i, best.
    but in that case, then i might as well just say, i dig Samoans/Japanese/Latino, in general.

  21. Toronto? you guys are kidding right? the city’s full of rude arrogant mostly ugly guys who think they are better than everyone. Trust me, been living here long enough.

    My vote – Vancouver without a doubt

  22. It all depends upon what one means by “sexy.” A bunch of identical plastic mannequins just might not constitute everyone’s idea of “sexy.”

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