Random Question: Sexiest Body Part?

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Biceps and bellies and butts, oh my! Out of all the parts of the male body, which gets you the hardest? With so many delicious nooks and crannies on a man, it's almost impossible to choose just one. Feel free to make a list of your favorites! Extra credit for ordering your list by ultimate sex appeal.

Personally, I don't need a list. As much as I love cock and the rest, I'm one-hundred percent an ass man. The upper thighs are a close second, but mostly because they lead up to all those beautiful butts out there. While I realize that this post doesn't include a picture of my favorite part, can you really fault me for using this picture?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Gert Kist

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27 thoughts on “Random Question: Sexiest Body Part?

  1. i’d say the thighs… some good rock-hard thighs drive me nuts… they are very close to an unlimited number of other parts i love too 😉

  2. Legs.
    I don’t mind if the guy’s a little on the chubby side as long as hes got awesome legs.
    Guy in the pic is hot, looks way better since the last time I saw him over at RandyBlue.

  3. Upper arms work for me … they’ll hold ya close at night, and they’ll support his frame when he’s on top. 😉

  4. thighs and upper arms, but i’m pretty picky on those
    must not be overmuscled or very muscled
    must not be very slim too.

  5. The sexiest part of a guy’s body is his brain. A might have a smoking body, but he’s dumb as a post, the attraction fades real fast.

  6. A good pair of legs, preferably big legs. And broad shoulders, preferably those that came without much exercise.

  7. Calves. I love a guy with a hot set of well developed calves. Its the first thing my eyes go to when i see bare leg

  8. I love the inside of the bicep. It’s the smoothest part of the body on nearly anyone and it’s sooooo sexy.

  9. It’s the general “look” of the guy. Everthing has to be proportional and symmetrical.
    But I do look at the NECK first. I can tell just from the neck how fit the guy is, even if he’s wearing 3 layer of clothing. He doesn’t even need to take his shirt off and I can tell he’s got a 6-pack or he’s a little bit on the chubby side. It has to be lean and straight and as thick as his head. Fat guys tend to have softer, rounder and even thinner necks, no matter if their waistlines are 40 inches.

  10. The first thing I notice on any person, whether its a child (not sexually) a woman (not necessarily not sexually) a man, or and older person is… The calves. They come in so many different varieties most of which make my mouth water. I have indeed seen calves that have turned me on. close 2nd is a tie ass and pec, then 3rd is abs and biceps. I love teeth and eyes as well, then the back. Something about calves is just appealing to me in sexual and non sexual ways.
    Its weird too because i HATE HATE HATE feet. Worst part of the body. Hate them, respect them, but hate them.
    Dr.Feelgood you saying that fat is 40 inches?! Lol i’m underweight and at 32/33…

  11. The V-shaped portion of the body that leads down to the penis is what gets me going.
    Until I asked him to turn around and show me his ass.
    Every regular Joe is a rectangular shape body.
    Until I (you guessed it) see his ass.
    Bend over and spread-em baby!

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