Random Question: Do You Use The Fly of Your Underwear?

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Back in college, a handful of straight boys and I got into an underwear-themed debate far beyond the traditional "boxers or briefs" dilemma. We were discussing the fly of our underwear and whether or not we use it when we pee. In order to demonstrate each of their points, the guys whipped their cocks out by their preferred method, and I sucked them all off.
Okay, so that last part definitely didn't happen, but our debate got pretty heated. It didn't matter whether boxers or briefs were preferred–each guy had extremely strong feeling about which method was the proper way to pee. For men raised on using the fly, it seemed incredibly ridiculous to pull your underwear down. On the other side, the pullers were skeptical that using the fly would lead to embarrassing drippage.
Now I know this is a weird question, but how do you feel on this matter? Do you use the fly or do you pull it down? How do you feel about the opposite method?
– Dewitt
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17 thoughts on “Random Question: Do You Use The Fly of Your Underwear?

  1. The question is moot to me. I normally go “commando”, i.e. no underwear at all. When I wore underwear a long time ago, it was usually bikini briefs which didn’t have a fly. Unzip, pull it out in the easiest way possible, and let it rip. That’s the ticket.

  2. I just unzip and pull ’em down. Its quicker + a majority of my underwear does not have flies that can be easily opened. Maybe if I want to put on a show I will fondle with the buttons on the fly and whatnot, but otherwise, I just pull ’em down 😀

  3. It doesn’t matter to me. Depends on the mood. I wear briefs. Sometime I just like to air it out.

  4. I wear all of the different varieties, and I guess it depends on what I’m wearing and my mood. With the brief/boxerbriefs I will pull down, just because it’s convenient. With the boxers, I use the fly, sometimes. If it’s convenient. Then when I go commando, I like to open the pants and pull back the belt so that I can show off the pubes and the balls, and make it obvious that I’m freeballing.

  5. Mostly a briefs/boxer briefs guy, so I pull, but I have discovered the convenience of the open boxer fly.
    The best part for me, though, is the visual of a hard cock sticking through the fly. One of my favorite ways to blow a guy.

  6. Via the fly. I pulled down when I was a kid before I started wearing boxers. On the rare occasion I have flyless boxers or briefs I just pull the undies (not the pants) down. Nothing would be worse than pulling down when you have one of those slow pees or ones that doesn’t wanna come out and a guy getting into a stall and letting loose all sorts of sounds and smells. Having pulled down you’d have extra time to “take it all in” as you scrambled to get the fuck outta there.

  7. I used to pull down, but ever since I started wearing a belt, the fly is so much easier.

  8. If I’m at home or a friends place I pull ’em down around my ankles and sit down to pee – much tidier. If I’m out (it’s changed over the years, I used to pull out through my trouser/jeans fly, now) I unbelt and unbutton/unzip and show the world my goods pulling my underwear down to free the beast…

  9. Commando here, except for at the gym, then its a Jock. If I have to see then I pull it out the leg. I’ve seen other guys do the same. The third option, I guess.

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