Quickie: Troy


In need of someone to whip you into shape? Perhaps you should track down Troy. I can't really speak for his talents as a personal trainer, but he'd be worth hiring for the mere possibility of getting a glimpse of his cock in the locker room. Yup, this guy's packing an enormous rod in those shorts…

It helps that it's attached to a rockin' body. I mean, what else would you expect from an aspiring fitness model? I'm just glad he doesn't go to my gym, because I'd be popping a crazy boner watching him work out! And don't even get me started about showering afterwards…

– Dewitt

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26 thoughts on “Quickie: Troy

  1. A handsome man with great genes and a determination to work his body. I would reward him for all that at anytime!

  2. A nice BIG black dick 2 hold on2 while FUCKING his beautiful muscke black ASS !!!

  3. Fuck me running. . . Pin me down and fuck me into next month. What a fucking sexy man!

  4. B.I.N.G.O.!
    (now, *this* guy makes up for that feature on Wood, some weeks back!)
    my mouth and I would have to spend some quality time with troy’s dick & nips.
    with the exception of those already terminally-biased against Ebony Men, i am not able to imagine many individuals not liking troy’s look.
    ..but then i remember Michael Fitt.
    and i will have to pray Troy’s not like Him, personality-wise.)

  5. Damm Troy is all the hot hot hot i think i’m in love ๐Ÿ™‚ beautiful body and cock

  6. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww, que belleza y que pedazote de carne, eso es un turron de chocolate, hermoso bb

  7. someone tell all the brotherhood of america how rediculous they are presenting themselves with their pants slouched down like in some of these pics. It’s becoming too commonplace and stereotypical to see black men ‘sagging’. Poor things want respect but present themselves so poorly to the public… shame.

  8. oh, BH, you silly guy..
    ..i feel your pain, BH, but *this* is definitely not the place to air that grievance.
    although i don’t think you’re addressing my Troy, himself, here ….. still, it’s like you’re messing up all the good mojo flowing through these comments!
    and if you were addressing him, then on behalf of troy’s fans, i’ll throw at you an adaptation of those very words that some nice people love throwing at me: “if he showed up at your door with his bottoms sagged, i’d bet you’d still get on your knees and pull those bottoms all the way down for the brother.”

  9. @BH What the heck is your problem? you know nothing about black culture or black men except what you see on tv or what you see when you’re walking through the supermarket.
    You are neither judge nor jury when it comes to what people wear about how they wear it.
    If someone called you an “effeminate gaunt middle-aged basket case” or a “disease carrying meth smoking husband stealing tart” then they wouldn’t be out of line would they? I mean if we’re following your logic then they wouldn’t be out of line. The images on tv that we see of white gay men are that they are sickly, loud and campy, HOWEVER most people are smart enough to know that white gay men (just like black men) cover a wide spectrum of society.
    Also ridiculous is spelled with an “i” and not an “e”. Poor thing is so busy serving sass/hatred that she can’t master the English language.

  10. BH U poor (RACIST CUNT ) thing don’t be a player hater it’s not our fault that your dick & belly button R the same size !!!

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