Quickie: Simeon Panda

Let’s try something new for once. If you aren’t attracted to Simeon Panda, don’t leave a comment on this post. Other people would like to drool over this man’s bulging pectorals without reading your racist comments or unnecessary remarks like “I’ll pass”. If he gives you a boner, tell us! And if he doesn’t? Move on with your life! There’s no need to bring others down with your negativity.

Now that we’ve established these rules–which I know one of you will break–let’s talk about Simeon’s rock solid body. Is anyone else mesmerized by those huge arms? It makes me wonder if he’s got any other huge body parts… Yeah, I’m not even going to try and be coy about this. This dude could pin me down and plow my ass mercilessly, no matter how big his cock is…

– Dewitt

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430 thoughts on “Quickie: Simeon Panda

  1. Oh my gawd this guy is a monster, lol! Dude, that body is hUge. I’ve been working out, but fuck me sideways I’ll never get like this beauty!

  2. yum!

    i’d probably cream my pants just from my rubbing my hands all over simeon’s body!

    that guy is, indeed, as cute as a panda.


    look at those penetrating, coffee-brown eyes: having a staring contest with simeon would probably make me cream my pants, too — l.o.l.

  3. Agreed, Alejandro. A smile from him would make me cream my shorts..again. I’d already have done that just looking at him. *swoon*

  4. He’s absolutely perfect. And for all of the guys that would say they’d pass on him, I’d like to see reactions to their pictures up on the blog.

  5. when i scrolled down and saw the name i starting laughing at it. but when i scrolled even further and saw the dude, i completely forget what his name was!! Damn he’s hot!

  6. Jeeeez-Louise… I don’t care if he had a pussy! I’d feel like I died and was in heaven with this man’s arms around me!!

  7. Good grief….how do you get your abs to start right under your manboobs like that? How tall is this guy? No, seriously, I want to have babies with him….better yet, he can just fuck me while I’m having a few doughnuts…

  8. Man if there are any more guys like this, cum to Sydney, Australia. We have hardly any men of colour, and none like this. I’ll give you a nice present, or two, or ten…

  9. I think I just got diabetes just looking at all this chocolate. He needs to stop looking at me like that…I feel dirty. Really…really…dirty. mmmmmmmm….

  10. Race aside this guy is pretty hot. Just looking into his eyes tells you a few things, either he wants to fuck you, or he wants you to fuck him. Which would you choose?

  11. Damn Dewitt, hit it out of the park with this one. He’s insanely sexy… minus that picture with all the veins.

  12. if there wasnt a sea stopping me from getting to america and cumming allover him, then is cum all over him. and let him violate me anyway he wanted too.

  13. This man is not only incredibly sexy, but stunningly beautiful. His eyes are amazing. And as a ‘chin-man’, I have to say, he ranks near the top for facial structure.

    Dear Santa, seeing as it’s Christmas soon…

  14. He is a hottie and well done Dewitt. It’s kinda refreshing to not have to hear from the people who think we care whether they will pass or not. He’s a fucking hot man and I’d happily get in the line above for my turn with him.

  15. I am 110% Top but if this guys shows up at my door and carry me on his strong arms, squeezing me harder, and tickling me along the way he will definitely pound my virgin ass all night long and I won’t cry a thing.

  16. He looks like a perfectly made bronze statue – you just know that his body is going to be hard but it´s going to feel smooth and hot at the same time. I wish!

  17. He’s handsome and has an awesome body but I wouldn’t do him. Not because of his skin color I just don’t like men THAT muscular.

  18. Wow! It’s so wierd to see two people I know in as many months. Simeon is the nicest guy you’ll meet very down to earth and funny. He used to train at my gym in south east London. He has sadly since moved on to other things. Glad to see him on here…

  19. Not Enough LOL I 2 am 110 % top but if this GORGEOUS stud of man rang my bell my BlackJackHammer would go N 2 over drive exceeding all design specification 4 TOTAL TOPS !!! BTW Not Enough if his DICK is like biceps LOL I think U T going 2 cry GRANTED cries of great JOY but crying never the less !!

  20. Dewitt THANK U 4 those remarks hopefully there will come a time when posting such a remark will not be necessary but until than THANK AGAIN !!!

  21. This man is so handsome and sculpted. what a hunk of beef and beauty. I love black men with nice bodies. dayummmmm he is nice. please call me mr panda.

  22. why would anyone leave a racist comment on such hottie as Simeon this guy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking hot..

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