Quickie: Richard Rocco

It had really slipped my attention that there’s readers of Manhunt Daily who HATE tattoos on the guys we feature. It’s an on-going fight. Richard Rocco‘s is here for the next round. I’m of the mind that the tattoos adorning his hot body actually enhance his sexy. He has JUST enough. They highlight his musculature. I guess I’m on Team Tattoo. Unless dude is verging on circus. That’s too far.

Photo credit: Michael Stokes








207 thoughts on “Quickie: Richard Rocco

  1. Why the coveralls? Why no tightie whities? Why no ass shots? No cock shots? I’m sorry sir but until I see the outline of your penis I can’t definitively tell how hot you are.

  2. Well he certainly isn’t lacking any hotness. While I think I’m neither in the pro or anti-tat camp, I do have questions about some of those tat choices but I’m sure they must mean something to him and that’s all that is important. I don’t ever have to wear any of his tats. He’s doing a fine job with that all by himself. Fucking rocking bod!

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