Quickie: Reinaldo Fuzil

*sound of the pounding surf and squawking seagulls*

Reinaldo Fuzil, right? You’re the MMA fighter guy? Big fan! Beautiful day for the beach, huh? I guess you’ve already been in the water, what with all that sand caking your body. And not to be too forward, but that’s quite a body. Do you need help brushing that sand off? Here, let me. Oh, it’s no problem. Yeah, most of it seems to be on the front of your swimsuit. Yep, right there. On the bulge. Oh, please, it’s no problem. What? Why am I focusing on your bulge when you have sand in other places? Because I am VERY, VERY thorough.”

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Adrian C. Martin

Check out more pics of Reinaldo Fuzil below:

Reinaldo Fuzil 074 (1)

Reinaldo Fuzil 152


Reinaldo Fuzil 086

Reinaldo Fuzil 094

Reinaldo Fuzil 062 (1)


Reinaldo Fuzil 073

Reinaldo Fuzil 138

Reinaldo Fuzil 093

Reinaldo Fuzil 049

Reinaldo Fuzil 107

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7 thoughts on “Quickie: Reinaldo Fuzil

  1. Damn, that’s a chest. Very hot man.
    Body + actual sport beats a gym bunny any given day of the week. Speaking of… I’ve got a couple of holes for Mr. MMA to beat up.

    If I go to Brazil, I’ll never come back.

  2. I wish they’d gotten a close-up. Apart from the squinting and sunglasses, we never get to really see his eyes or face.

  3. He looks about cooked o.o Especially the second pic. I wonder if it hurts. I have heard dark guys get sunburnt too, but I can’t say I am as fair as they come.

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