Quickie: Parker Hurley

Parker Hurley is a hot piece of ass whose day job is “male model.” Being a hot piece of ass comes in handy when you’re a male model. He confirms my theory that tons of tattoos only work on a dude if the canvas is tight. When you have a body like that, doodle away. Unlike most of the gents on Model Mayhem, Parker actually filled out his profile. He describes himself as:

“artist. nerd. kick boxer. music lover. superhero fanatic. video game junkie. pancake enthusiast. etc. i’m super open-minded and opinionated yet try not to take myself too seriously. it’s a job and i’m here to have fun and create neat images.i view modeling as a form of art and one of the ultimate forms of self-expression.”

Yes, kid, you ARE art. And seeing as you’re a super-hero enthusiast, I’m going to need you to put on your Captain America suit and avenge my butthole.








parker hurley's tats


Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 2.56.06 PM



17 thoughts on “Quickie: Parker Hurley

  1. he doesn’t describe himself as gay or straight. why is this not important? It tells us his perspective on life and love and community. And knowing if he has someone special in his life.

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