Quickie: Nick Bell

Christmas came early. These pics of glorious sex cherub Nick Bell are truly a gift. You want to give me a rod, you put a hot slab of blonde beef in a cutesy outfit like underwear and a sailor cap. Pardon the drool. And the pre-cum. Can you imagine hanging out on the beach when this shoot took place?

“Sir, can you please give us some space? And take your hand out of your pants?”

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Michael Dar

Check out more pics of Nick Bell below:

nick (5)

nick bell (6)

nick bell (4)

nick bell (10)

nick bell (7)

nick bell (8)

nick bell (2)

nick bell (1)



12 thoughts on “Quickie: Nick Bell

  1. It’s amazing how much the sailor hat does for him. I mean, I know I have a thing for uniforms, but just the hat?! Oh yeah!

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