Quickie: Mike Hexum

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Mike Hexum? Without a doubt, it’s “cocky”. Although I’ve never met or seen him in real life, you don’t have to look very closely to see it in his modeling portfolio. This guy knows he’s hot, and he’s not afraid to share it with the rest of the world.

Some folks are incredibly turned on by this brand of confidence, while others will run the opposite direction at the very first sign of arrogance. Of course, it doesn’t really matter what you think, because there’s a pretty good chance that Mr. Hexum’s batting for the other team. Or maybe he goes both ways? You can’t blame us for a little wishful thinking…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Jason Jascot

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And I know this one’s with a lady, but…

797 thoughts on “Quickie: Mike Hexum

  1. Didn’t figure it would take too long for someone to find something wrong with him…
    Cockiness does exude out of every pore of his being, but he is hot! No question about that!

  2. Don’t worry Randall, Anthony, and Jimmy, he’s not interested in you either so you don’t have to worry…lol

    This is one hot man hair, stubble, veins and all!

  3. I want to lick every inch of this man’s body. I don’t even want to have sex with him (although I wouldn’t complain)… I just wanna watch him get off, then lick him clean. YUM

  4. If he’s as cocky and/or confident in real life
    as he appears to be in these photos then my
    solution for wiping the smug look off his puss
    is a 12″ long,thick dildo on a fucking machine.
    Machine set to ‘Piledrive’ mode & sit back with the remote & watch the fun.he’ll be saying,nay
    YELLING ‘uncle!’ in no time flat.

    Suggested musical accompaniment,
    “Love,Love Me Do” by the Beatles

  5. The guy, not bad BUT!!! who ever the stylist was on the photo shoot should be sacked. Bad fitting u/wear and for ME, hairy legs are not good for model shoots, sorry, sorry???

  6. Hahahaha, i concede, he’s a good looking guy… But he looks like an idiot.
    That said, I don’t usually go for models. Personality and look included.
    Call me a liar, but I can honestly say that I would turn him down.

  7. Jeezus effin Crise…..he’s effin beautiful..we can all be as jaded as we want…but he is manly, ruggedly handsome and the veins are a beautiful reminder of how hard he works out…I can only wish he’d like me..and I ain’t half bad….

  8. It’s amazing to me that the veins are a turn off to men. I have always thought they were a sign of masculinity. And, I’ve always found them to be hot! This is an eye opener to me that there are thoe out there that don’t like them. Not being mean about it, I just never realized that.

  9. You can’t look like that and think that maybe, possibily, perhaps you’re a little bit attractive. His confidence in himself and his looks just make him that much hotter. Few people are attracted to shy, and insecure wall-flowers…except maybe those who are overly confident and who want admirers and not competition for the spotlight.

  10. if i may, i’d like to state that i only, really, liked the first two pictures of mike, shown in this posting.

    also, there was one other picture, which had given me a “Tommy Tucker” vibe..
    ..that’s always a good thing, of course.

  11. He needs to stop pursing his lips like he is kissing air and trying to make them stick out. *shakes head* geez, you’d think it was his first day at the rodeo

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