Quickie: Maxwell Zagorski

I’m not into perfection. I like a little jiggle to the ass, a crooked cock and a couple of scars. But if I was, Maxwell Zagorski would be the deity I worshiped. Max here is hashtag flawless. I have a challenge for those commentators who constantly point out what’s wrong with the men we post about. Some of you twats get neutron microscopic! If you can find a legit flaw on Maxwell, you get a week of Unlimited Membership on Manhunt gratis. You’ve been served!

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Paul Reitz

Check out more pics of the flawless Maxwell Zagorski below:

maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-6 maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-5 maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-4 maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-3 maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-2 maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-1

(via Homotography)



16 thoughts on “Quickie: Maxwell Zagorski

  1. Sometimes, it bothers me when I see the other readers start shittin on people’s looks…especially if I like those people. We all have different “preferences” but I will never understand the anti-tattoo folks.

    P.S. F U all you Colby Jansen haters.

    Also I hate this dude, Maxwell because he’s fucking gorgeous!

  2. well something has to be left to the imagination, i think he has enough clothes on, if you want a model sans clothes look at a porn shoot blog on here as well….. i bet his voice is as HOT as he is, melt stone, cause ANY man to swoon

  3. His right ear lobe appears slightly lower than his left ear lobe…and there’s no happy trail…JUST KIDDING! His face is too chiseled..teehee…

  4. This guy is dang near TOTAL perfection. He really has it all and NO nasty visible tats. Wow, some guys just have all the luck.

  5. Is he straight? That would be a flaw, because it means no man looking at him would have a chance. 😉

  6. Straight, allegedly. Not that that precludes anything….just a few more drinks need to be bought. Damn he’s fine!

  7. Oh gawd. He is your garden variety pretty white boy model. Jeez people you see this kinda look every where on the net. everywhere.

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