Quickie: Maiko Lima

Prepare yourself to book a flight to Rio de Janeiro, because that’s the only place you’ll be able to stalk Maiko Lima. This sexy Brazilian model might be straight (key word: might), but we’d track him down just to get a glimpse of that breathtaking body in person.

And who knows? Maybe that last picture of him scandalously posing with a female model was just another gig for him. It’s not entirely impossible that he loves sucking dick and taking it up the butt. At least that’s what we’ll keep telling ourselves, as we sit at our desks and drool over those perfect abs.

– Dewitt

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Wouldn’t you love to be in her place?

148 thoughts on “Quickie: Maiko Lima

  1. I’m not racist, but, I don’t like his face… too native american. Disclaimer: I can’t change that I’m gay, nor can’t I change the physical attributes that identify sexual attraction in my psyche.

  2. A predetermined sexual orientation is not the same as a insistence at not opening your mind.
    You are a racist. Saying “I’m not a racist” does not exempt you.

  3. I agree nunavit, he’s just a douchebag.

    But, I don’t like his “boy face, man body” thing going on, it just looks a little weird to me.

  4. Btdubbs, That guy is super fucking hot. I havent met too many native Americans but if thats what they look like. I’d totally live in a teepee if I got to wake up to that every morning.

  5. So I’m racist because I don’t find certain facial features attractive? That’s funny… so, I guess you’re anti-woman because you won’t eat c*nt? Sorry dude, but beauty is perception and your logic is flawed. I was simply leaving my two cents. Hey, 23 more and you get a quarter!

  6. Furthermore, attraction is not based on the “insistence at not opening your mind”, attraction just is – you either find something attractive or you don’t. BTW attraction and racism have two very distinct definitions… look them up.

  7. And I find it hysterical (not really) that gay men, who are persecuted for what we find attractive, have the audacity to turn around and call somebody else a “douchebag” because they don’t agree on attraction and furthermore persecute them of being something as distasteful as racism. You, sirs, are bigtos. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. So is my saying that I am not attracted to white boys racist, not racist, or just indicative of some deep seated self-loathing? Seriously the question asked was is this boy hot and while I will answer “HELL Yeah” I am ecstatic to learn that others respond “not so much” as that raises my chances of ever getting with said boy from “not a snowball’s chance in hell” to “when pigs fly.”

  10. DLeon/ecrivain2007: basing “attraction” solely on one’s perceived “racial” characteristics IS racist. To say someone is “too native american” looking first, doesn’t make any sense; second, it presupposes all “Native Americans” look alike.

    At any rate, the both of you are douchebags. Congratulations on your achievement.

  11. Yeah, it’s totally racist. Why could you not have just have written, “I don’t find him attractive”, or, “I’m not attracted to him” without putting out there that since he appears to be of a certain ethnicity, you don’t find him attractive?

    Total douchebaggery.

    Besides, he is hot. Great body, handsome face.

  12. DAMN, what a sexy man! I like the pic of him looking at the camera and smiling … beautiful lips and totally bedroom eyes!

  13. well I have to admit I find him attrative just because he is native american should he be hated what about the guy that is Irish american to pasty white or the italian american not oh this is wednesday

  14. His body yes is gorgeous and certain features of his face are very attractive, I think the smile is just a bit off putting for me

  15. First of all, he’s not “Native American”…. least in the tee pee sense. And second, DLeon and ecrivain2007, your judgement is purely racist. Basing what you think is attractive in a subject solely on their racial background, is, in essence, racist. DLeon, if you had said “Well, his physical make-up just isn’t to my taste” Well, that wouldn’t have left ANY one an opening to call you a racist. But, instead you said “Now I’m not a racist (first mistake, by the way. Instantly trying to debunk a character “assumption” before you even say your opinion will instantly give the impression that you’re quite the opposite)… too native american.” Well, how else is that supposed to be taken? In ANY other situation, say… a job application… or… politics or… auditions for non-specific roles in theatre, modelling, etc.(racially non-specific) what you just said would lead to MANY legal action suits. Especially in the gay world. If someone told you you couldn’t have a job because you were too gay, well you better believe you’d have your lawyer at their throat in no time at all.

    So… maybe you should take a step back and figure out what your prejudice is. Nothing wrong with it. We all have our own silly prejudices we should deal with.

    By the way, a VERY attractive Latino, this man is. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil.

  16. Why can’t we just say you like the guy or not? Why do these pointless aurguments have to happen? Better yet, when some of you fucktards see the initial pic, just keep scrolling down to the next story. If your not into “ethnic” men why even click to see the rest of the fucking pics? Can someone answer me that?

  17. Because they want to make sure their racist opinions are heard? Didn’t get enough attention from daddy while growing up so they do it on here? I don’t know… Those would be my picks… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Besides, everybody (or most everybody, I should say) naturally likes to think their opinions are right and matter the most. That’s the only reason why I comment. XD Hahaha

  18. What a boring world it would be if we were all attracted to the same type and some of us would never get a date.

  19. I agree with brech. Dleon, you started off your article with “I’m not racist.” that actually makes people think otherwise. After all, the first sentence is the most important of a paragraph just like a first impression is.

  20. no one a lot of guys have self conscious issues, this is all gay guys drool all over. and its so widely distributed that, that is whats hot or should look it. what happened to having a good personality instead of just a ripped ab. too me this guy isnt attractive at all, hes looks just like every other male model or celebritiy was built into. im sorry but having all those muscles and abs just doesnt define what hot should be. just my opinion.

  21. why not just state that you don’t find the gut attractive and leave it at that rather than bring race into it in the first place and then it wouldn’t be an issue for anyone

  22. I don’t find him attractive because of his abdominals. While many (if not most – but who know?) guys think that “six-pack” look is to drool for, for me guys like that look like extras playing the skinless monsters in a Hellraiser movie. Simply gross.

  23. By the way, DLeon is a racist. The moment he said “native-American,” he proved it. It’s because of people like him that GLBT don’t have equality in this country. They’re too busy dissing people for the way they were born. Gays can be bigots, and he’s one of the examples.

  24. if this helps: i’m not especially attracted to Maiko, either.

    (for those of you who don’t already know, I am also a person of colour.)

    not to say that the gentleman is “unattractive”; rather, there are simply some features of his face, specific to him, that don’t draw me.


    and i didn’t have to factor in his Ethnicity to come to that conclusion, either.

    so if i can do it, then why can’t you?

    but if you’re prejudiced, just say you’re prejudiced. and that you want to maintain that bias, no matter what.

  25. SHUT UP! He’s not racist. It’s preference! Sheesh. You all get on my nerves! Who gives a rats butt. Does it affect your life in the long run? NO. Thin skinned men.
    That said, this guy is hot! Hot, hot, hot! Love him!

  26. How in the hell is saying: he’s is not attracted to him because he is Native American, Racist?
    If he would have said he doesn’t like him because his looks like a Praire Nigger. Now That would be Racist!
    Just Making a Point….

  27. As a few people have eloquently pointed out, stating one’s attraction or lack thereof is in itself not racist. justifiying that opinion by using racialized speech is the problem. There is nothing inherently ugly about native americans or any ethnic group for that matter. To say that there is ridiculous.

    My rule of thumb is if you wouldnt say something out loud, in public then you probably shouldnt say it online, because you there is something wrong with what you are saying.

    People like DLeon/ecrivain2007/ToddM seem not to understand the extent to which their racist words perpetuate an ugly, dumb world view.

  28. I just have a question for you, PAS. Make that two. One: You do realize you fit in the category of “people”, right? Two: Do you follow me around on here just to get your kicks? I think you need a life.
    I am not racist. Period. Remember, judge not lest you be judged! Hmmm? You are judging me.

  29. “Your Idiots” (You should learn to spell when you type your opinion. Should have put “You’re Idiots”. Your is the possessive form.)

    Any way, think about it for one second. You and ToddM. Nobody cares, obviously, if one man says “I don’t like that mans facial features” or “I’m just not attracted to his body structure.”

    Racism is a form of prejudice(Merriam Webster states it as “racial prejudice”). According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, as well, prejudice is “an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics”. Now, granted, he showed no hostility, but he implied that being “too native american looking” is a bad thing. What, pray tell, is his idea of attractive if “too native american” is a bad thing? More typically than not, it’s what ever genetic background he familiarizes himself with the most. In the Philipines (and this information is based on what my Philipino friend told me, so if I’m out to lunch, let me know) dark skin is considered unattractive. The lighter your skin, it means you spend more time indoors, and are more powerful, like the Caucasian colonialists. This is about power, but power is attractive to many people.

    So, obviously, first thing we’d think if someone said “I’m not attracted to him because his skin is too dark” is “Well, you’re definitely a racist!” Which he would be, because deep down, he feels the Caucasian skin tone is more attractive. Ok, so that’s what he’s attracted too. We don’t necessarily have to beat him for that. It happens. We’re a product of our environment and upbringing. For instance, I’m much more attracted to Hispanic, Caucasian and East Indian features over African and Asian. The reasoning for this, though (since I’m of mixed decent of Caucasian, African and Chinese) is because I was adopted and grew up in a community with very little African and Asian population, but higher populations in the other ethnicities. So, I’ve reasoned, that I actually have no “Specimen A”, so to speak, of what to base what is attractive and unattractive in those 2 ethnicities. I’m getting better at it, now that I live in a city, but I still have a habit of falling back to my usual opinions when I’m in doubt.

    But if you ACTUALLY put effort into voicing that kind of opinion, in that way, like DLeon and the others have done, you are putting thought into letting people know that you feel that “Native Americans” are unattractive. And since being “too native american” is unattractive, according to what DLeon has said, that means that, in his mind, Native Americans are inferior to which ever race is his idea of attractive. All you had to say was “his physical features don’t appeal to me”, and no one would have suspected that it’s because you have a prejudice against the ethnicity of the subject. Simple as that.

    Now, again, there are a lot of people, probably the vast majority, who have certain prejudices in what they find attractive. Some don’t consider popular, physical “perfection” attractive, because, just like “john” said “what happened to having a good personality instead of just a ripped ab. too me this guy isnt attractive at all, hes looks just like every other male model or celebritiy was built into. im sorry but having all those muscles and abs just doesnt define what hot should be. just my opinion.” I’ve met some really attractive guys, on the inside, who had smoking bodies. We could interpret john’s statement as saying “all good looking, model worthy men are vapid and ugly on the inside.” Which, you must admit, would be a pretty prejudiced statement.

    Any way. I hope I helped light a bulb in your head. Haha.

  30. I would agree with you, Brech. But everyone leaves out the “hostility” part and just goes for the racist card. That’s what I’ve been trying to say. Guess I don’t communicate very well. Sorry.

  31. Why do we allow ONE comment to turn the direction of all the posts? I’m guilty too of posting, but if your “preference” is not non white men, just keep scrolling to the next model/article. This looks like the comment page on Perez Hilton. lol.

  32. No worries Todd, I’ve been rather isolated of late, so I’m in a particularly opinionated mood. Couple that with no ability to leave the house and you get yourself an unnecessarily long comment. ๐Ÿ˜› HAha

  33. LOL. I understand that! Just finished up chemo treatments and radiation. So I understand not getting to leave the house. Hope things get better!

  34. Oh! I hope you’re doing alright then. Mines a ton more frivolous than that. It’s raining and I have no money. Been all day. :S And my job is weather dependent. But, I’m hoping for a speedy recovery for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. This is what I like about public forums, ToddM. In the Obama on Prop 8 forum from last week, my opinions have led you to the opinion that I’m pompous and self righteous. But here, on a completely different subject… well… actually not overly different, we have some common ground in opinion. I’m quite appreciative of social networking technology. The free exchange of ideas and philosophies. It’s absolutely amazing. Which… you’d think it would help to get rid of any form of prejudice, but half the time it only helps it along. *rolls eyes* Shame, really.

  36. No wonder why we can not attain equal rights. Part of us can’t accept the other part and we still expect the mainstream society to accept us, marching and protesting, carrying a flag on the parade and demanding our legal rights. Shame to all who criticize, judge and discriminate others while uplifing their own kind as superior or gifted race.

    Divided we fail.

  37. To clear things up: Everyone has his own preferences. But stating that the ethnicity was used to dismiss a subject is plain rude. You are not obligated to like any race/ethnicity but basing your judgement on the race exposes flaw in the basic moral and social belief on an individual. You are what you believe and your inner prejudice beliefs can be observed how you say, act, and make your preferential selections.

  38. @Not Enough: Spot on regarding the hyprocrisy of gay culture and its self-righteous condescending platform against those whom they label as “breeders”. Then again, some of the outrageous responses to these posts are a telling reminder to us that we are no different than the rest of the general populous. Technology and social networking affords us the luxury of saying things we would otherwise not say in a face-to-face environment. These days, civil behavior in the cyber community has simply become nothing short of an option.

  39. I looked at the pictures and I think he’s one of the HOTTER models that have been on here. I would take him over most (not all) of the blonde twinkies you can find to post on here. Didn’t even occur to me to check his “ethnicity” until it was mentioned on here. I’d have to think that if someone took an initial look at the photos and said “OMG, that guy is a (gasp) NATIVE AMERICAN!”, then that guy has some seriously bigoted prejudices.

  40. The only “poor cunt” here is you, Eric…and I do believe you do read this blog. (Assuming you can read). You can spew all the hate you want, but truth be told, you’d never say that to someone face to face because you’re just another closet-case coward hiding and whining behind his keyboard in mommy’s basement….waaah! lol.

  41. @Brech, you wrote,

    “First of all, heโ€™s not โ€œNative Americanโ€โ€ฆ. least in the tee pee sense.”

    Isn’t that racist, too? He’s from Brazil, so chances are he IS Native American (cuz ya know, there have been Native Americans all over BOTH American [North & South] continents for thousands of years).

    Look, we’re all going to be in some category that someone else would find to be worthy of racism & other bigotry (be it gay to the straights, bi to the gays, black to the whites, etc).

    For instance, I’m (what most folks would call) white, male, bisexual. 1/2 Polish descent, 1/4 Hungarian descent, and 1/4 Native American (Comanche/Cherokee). Now, I can’t get a date with some women because they’re afraid I’ll cheat on them with a man. Some guys feel if I’ve been with a woman, I’m not worthy of their time. I’ve heard all the ‘pollack’ jokes in the world. I’ve been called, ‘faggot’, too. I can’t get with some darker toned people because they don’t like ‘white guys’. It just goes on & on. So even though you may be trying to point out the stupidity racism/bigotry, you’re actually perpetuating it.

    We’re all the same race, Human – just different shades of the same brown color. Deny it all you want, but we are the same race. Beauty is beauty, and this fella in the photos is beautiful.

  42. DAK1975, since you’re so insightful, you would have also noticed in my comments that I’m mostly attacking his word usage. In a public forum, there is no excuse for prejudiced comments. But thanks for trying. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And typically, growing up with Latinos who were Native South Americans, they always considered themselves Latinos, rather than Native Americans. And to me, the term Native American typically brings up images of Natives from North America, rather than South and Central. That is why I made the tee pee comment, hoping that would deter the Native South American comment like you made, which, in hind sight, was a poor choice of words on my part, and I should have been clearer. Because, obviously, you found it necessary to attack my argument with such a minuscule detail as that. My mom is metis, I grew up with a native grandmother, so I really would have no reason to be prejudiced against Native Americans. And I don’t feel I have to explain that to you.

  43. i want to thank DLeon for being able to influence the general direction this comment section so effortlessly, and on his first try.

    I didn’t say it before, but it is definitely my opinion that, at the very least, DLeon has a “bias” against (South-Hemisphere) Native Americans.. ..it could even be a full-blown prejudice.

    (but, once again โ€” “racism” doesn’t apply, here.
    and, because he never said anything pejorative, ‘bigotry’ isn’t applicable, either.)

    The quickest way to get to the bottom of this matter is, asking what about these Natives he doesn’t like.

    For, without fail, do these individuals who express such controversial opinions never say why they feel what they do.

    If DLeon isn’t able to account for why someone’s having facial features which are “too Native American” is a bad thing, then it can be safely concluded that his bias is rooted in something irrational.

    (It is supposed to be a generally known fact that no one ethnic-subset of the human race consistently look alike.

    black Cubans, and Brazilians, anyone?)

  44. Take that Post Racial America!
    Dleon do us all a favor and chew glass while you douse yourself in kerosene and light yourself on fire.

    And on a side note: I honestly doubt that you (Dleon) could ever afford to be choosy even if you’re good lucking, your bigoted rube views would stifle any sane person from finding you remotely attractive.

  45. And apparently you’re in good company Dleon. ToddM I was recently looking at the Woof Alert: Johnny Donavan post what are your thoughts on the karma posting?

  46. @concernedcitizen

    I’m not at all surprised about the karma comment on the woof alert, or I should say I’m not at all surprised that there was no reaction to it except for ToddM. But that’s what happens when you live in a society that has been so euro centric for so long, and we’ve focused so much on aboriginal and “ethnic” prejudice rather than prejudice against the Caucasian “majority”. It is a double standard. And it’s something our species as a whole needs to deal with.

  47. @Brech, being of a particular societal group still doesn’t make it okay to use derogatory remarks like ‘tee pee’ type Native Americans. It wasn’t an attack, rather an observation of the ironic use of terms.

  48. Iam so tired of some manhunt users. Dewitt please start regulating the comments in this blog. Things are not moving in the right trend and it will cost manhunt in the long way. Manhunt isn’t the only gay social network site, and Iam evaluating if it is worthy to continue visiting here let alone being a paid member. It is not worthy my money and time.

  49. I honestly understand where you’re coming from Not Enough, my advice would be to disengage from the commenting, the reality is even on other sites discussions and biases like these do rear up. It’s unfortunate but true. I hope your experience here doesn’t leave you jaded in the end, just continue to LIVE. LOVE. LAUGH.
    I wish you the best!

  50. Concernedcitizen, I don’t care for Karma’s posts either. But, he has made it clear that he was trying to bait me.
    Here’s where I stand: There are SO many more important things than skin color. Yes, there are racists that hurt people due to their color of skin. And I am TOTALLY against that! But to get all stirred up over someone’s words.. That only affirms their own stupidity. Acknowledges them. I think if they were ignored, they would more than likely just go away (hopefully).
    I’m an equal opportunity dude! LOL I like all kinds of race! Am open to any of them.
    I hope that makes sense.

  51. Chapter 1 Brazilian 101
    They are the sexiest men in the world, and know it. Warning from someown who knows, once you go there nothing else ever matters! Run for your lives…..

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