Quickie: Leandro Okabe

Yesterday, we received a suggestion to include Leandro Okabe on next week’s edition of The Ten. After a careful amount of consideration–also known as drooling over his pictures with a huge boner–we decided that it might not be a terrible idea. However, it only seemed fair to run him by you first.

Though this particular photo shoot is a few years old, we think he might have what it takes to compete against Tommy Tucker, Simon Dexter and the rest of the gang. Especially when he’s all wet in the shower, with water running down his excellent physique. Ugh, it’s almost too hot.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Tetu

To see more pictures of Leandro Okabe, follow the JUMP:

38 thoughts on “Quickie: Leandro Okabe

  1. creo que ha sido el primer oriental que me ha fasinado, la mayoria se parecen pero este tiene lo suyo, super hot, papi damelo todo XD

  2. He is a very SEXY man but ( pun intended ) I 2 like Woody am a BUTT man and would have love 2 have seen and all it’s GLORY !!

  3. @bobby ray hahahhaha. you’re just some stupid, ignorant troll. to categorize an entire race is just .. insanely dumb. kinda like how all bobby ray’s are red neck pieces of shit. get a life and be happy- life is too short for meaningless squander.

  4. Hey is very hot in every way! Not big on tattoos but his looks good on him. I could crawl in bed with him and have an all night kissing session! Please put him on the top 10 list next week!

  5. My sweet sweet gentle Jesus…mary me…be mine…I am in luv…wait…wait…wait…nope, just LUST…

  6. There’s an incredibly handsome athlete from the Japanese Olympic Team (in recent years, but cannot recall what year) that looks just like this guy. What I did remember about him was that not only was he hot, but he must have won or placed in an event since he wore a wreath on his head (anyone heard of him?). I would love to see them paired for fun.

  7. Damn you, Dewitt! You’re purposely trying to make me fill up my pictures library with all these hot guys, aren’t you?……Keep up the good work!

  8. Wow you guys actually read and took my suggestion!!! I’m glad there’s MANY that agree ;p

  9. bobbyray you are a racist. don’t paint all asians as the same. we come in various sizes and shapes like our white, black, hispanic brothers. your comment only reveals your racism and self-loathing. good luck to you

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