Quickie: Jeremy Rowback

Our campaign to get twig hottie Danny Perez Jr. into “The Ten” has just been torpedoed by this massively muscled beauty. This is Jeremy Rowback, he hails from New York, and a nicer ass in a jockstrap has never been found. Holy shit, he’s hot. Rowback is a full-time model, and obviously muse to photographer Joseph Smileuske.

Joseph has to be straight, otherwise how in the fuck do you keep shooting when your cock is throbbing so bad over your subject? He’d never get any work done. The balcony shoot alone would be an endurance test.

“Yeah, can you uh…stick your gorgeous bubble butt out farther and maybe bend over the rail a little more and let your cheeks kind of….urk.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I just came. Nevermind. Professional hazard.”

Photo credit: Joseph Smileuske

– J. Harvey

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1,049 thoughts on “Quickie: Jeremy Rowback

  1. Hahaha! That’s Derek Atlas from Randy Blue and Flirt4Free. He’s done tons of cam shows that in fact involve some ass play and he did a solo shoot for RB. And yes I agree, he’s hot as fuck.

  2. One of my OMG moments. If I have a type, thats exactly it. That ass and thick legs, strong stomach, the arms, he’s cute. CUMS!!!

  3. HOT DAYUM IS THAT ASS HAWT AS FUCK!!! That ass so juicy my tongue & dick just start’d 2 fight each other…lol!!!

  4. Those nice thick legs up and around his ears and a BIG dick in his  BOOTY-LIC-IOUS  ass  I am getting moist  just thinking about it  LOL !!!

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