Quickie: Jay Horton

Damn, what’s with all these sexy-ass men wearing goggles around their neck? If the men in the locker room ever looked like this, I would have never made it to swim practice! Jay Horton is the latest stud to rock this look, and it won’t be long until you’re daydreaming about doing “laps” with him.

Between his sparkling eyes and luscious lips, this man has simply got it going on! It’s a shame that he doesn’t smile more often, because that’d really put me over the edge. What do you think–does this guy deserve a spot on The Ten?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Royce Bugarin

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593 thoughts on “Quickie: Jay Horton

  1. Fuck X-mas do me in everyway and some that have not been done yet
    Fing hot wrap it up I found my B-day gift

  2. very sexxxy black man…yes he should be included in the top ten…and if he doesn’t make the cut send him to me I’ll be more than happy to keep him all to myself


  4. Dewitt… please stop teasing me unless you are planning to send him to me. I will pick him up at the Boston Airport.

    Iam 100% TOP and I will be willing to bottom for him if that is all it takes to keep him…lol.

    He deserve a spot on the Ten.

  5. This guy deserves a spot on The Ten.

    So that we can at least momentarily shut up the trolls who invariably scream “racist” whenever there isn’t a black dude in the list.

  6. @Scott b
    Granting him a spot on the Ten just because of his race is ridiculous. The reason should be because he qualify and not beacuse of race card. I found that thought to be disturbing.

    The boy deserve the Ten,and lets put the race aside. Why do people still judge by the race? It is 2010 for heaven sake and not 1960. Should I say I am blessed to belong in the family that consists blacks, whites and latinos. So for me I see all people as the same.

  7. hot guy for sure, one comment though, if your gonna wrap some goggles around his neck, wouldnt it make more sense to have him in a speedos, or the like?

  8. Scott b The fact that U made that statement just goes 2 show where your train of thought is at !! Jay deserve 2 sit on my TOP 10 !!!

  9. For those ranting on Scott B, I see his point. For the last how many guys posted, there has been at least one poster that has said something about it being a white guy and that no man of color is represented. If we are supposed to see all people as the same, why should it matter if the men posted are white? We are all the same, right?

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