Quickie: Franklin David

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away—also known as this blog in 2011—we wrote about shaggy-haired, Brazilian model Franklin David. We neglected to add him to The Ten or follow his career beyond that, which is a shame, because I think he’s become hotter over the past three years… Or maybe he’s been this hot all along? Judging from this shoot in 2012, that might be the case.

Still, I think these latest pictures from Junior magazine might be his best yet! Limited research on my part has indicated that he’s revealed more skin in the past, but there’s something about his hair and/or beard here that makes me want to fuck his solid muscle ass more than I ever did before. My only complaint is that he isn’t on all fours with my balls slapping against his taint, as I tug on those luscious locks and drill him furiously from behind.

But, you know, we can’t always get everything we want.

– Dewitt

Check out more of Brazilian model Franklin David below:

Franklin David is a sexy Brazilian model.

Franklin David is a sexy Brazilian model.

Franklin David is a sexy Brazilian model.

Franklin David is a sexy Brazilian model.

Franklin David is a sexy Brazilian model.

Franklin David is a sexy Brazilian model.



Franklin David 2011

20 thoughts on “Quickie: Franklin David

  1. The eyes, the hair, the body! I normally don’t write this, but I think he would look even hotter with some chest hair 🙂

  2. no armpit hair? this handsome man has disproportional man-ness.. hot in some places and not in others that should be dripping man… meh

  3. Seriously? It’s hair. It can be cut, styled, shaved, dyed, whatever and he’d still be phenomenally gorgeous. The photographer or stylist probably did it. Always criticisms…

  4. It’s not so much about “critisism.” It’s more about the fact that I find long hair increadibly unattractive in a man. I’m sure that there are things that YOU find unattractive and are a turnoff for you. For me it is long hair.

  5. Yes, that’s a correct assumption. I just find it odd to think hair length can ruin a persons beauty because it’s so easily redone, so temporary.

  6. Everyone understands that hair can be restyled. If we all saw him emerging from the ocean with a surfboard, we’d all probably love the hair and consider it rugged and masculine. But people are commenting on these particular pictures of the guy, which appear to be overly placed and precious IMO.

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