Quickie: Deric Mickens

This photo shoot with Deric Mickens by Bryan Taylor Johnson never made it onto the pages of Manhunt Daily, despite the fact that it’s been kicking around for a while. Thankfully, we stumbled upon it yesterday afternoon, and we’re sharing it with you now do you can appreciate Mr. Mickens’… er, driftwood.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bryan Taylor Johnson

Click through for more pics from this shoot:

A bonus shot by Rick Day:

345 thoughts on “Quickie: Deric Mickens

  1. ugh does the person saying “men of color” not realise how racist that is… treat people like PEOPLE, not like their race… even if you think you are being “pro black or minority ethnic”, by making such a statement you are discriminating, and the whole point is NOT to discriminate
    its the equivalent of saying “im not racist, i even have some black friends”…. just stop NOTICING the ethnicity

  2.  Zeus…if you want to encourage us to stop noticing the ethnicity, well…that’s no good either.   I think that every creature on the Earth is unique and special, and should be recognized for those characteristics which set them apart from others.    The problem is when people start talking about ethnicity in a derogatory fashion.    Last time I checked, every human being enjoys a compliment though, right?

  3.  It’s a stamp from Fiji. Maybe he has a thing for beaches? Naked beaches?? And he’s mailing himself there???

  4. As a white person its hard to appreciate the space your ‘invisible’ whiteness takes up – we just need need to accept white is a colour (uk here) too and a not a natural norm from which every other ethnicity or ever other colour is a deviating from… though Zeus can speak for himself I  guess he is makin’ a point of that kinda nature…

  5. Zeus, you are wrong, race does matter in America. As a black gay Latino man, on mostly gay publications, the men are white. The term all American is a code word for white men, gay or straight. Black men or Afro Latinos aren’t seen as all American men by whites in America. However, I don’t discriminate. I am attractive to white and black men. It’s refreshing to see an attractive black man like Deric Mickens on Manhunt Daily. When a black man is included in the top 10, he get the lowest ratings of all the guys. I am a realist!

  6. actually that is not racist … for every one of you, there are dozens of guys posting about the lack of black men (or men of color) … they lament the monotony of the smooth white twinks, etc.  To applaud getting more men of color on MHD is actually very affirming and encouraging.  How many times does the man of color in the threads picking your favorite ever win, or do better than last place, very few … and many men comment on how racist that is.  Race is a crucial part of who we are and an important part of attraction.  I, for one, prefer men of color … black, latino, asian … in fact, I prefer white-mix over white men period.  I am  pickiest with my fellow white men.  I know several men of color that prefer my pasty white ass because it is such a contrast to themselves.  Again, all part of attraction.  And no, it’s nowhere close the equivalent of your saying … that is racist.  Notice however, I’m not hiding behind anonymity – I put my email out there, my facebook, even my face is showing … and no, don’t have to be a traditionally maligned group to know and understand racism.   youserviceme@gmail.com 

  7. Correction:

    I am attracted to white and black hot men. I would love to date a gorgeous black man like Deric Mickens. The same applies to white men too.

  8. I read, Deric Mickens is 24 years old and he’s from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, now living in New York City. The brother is fine, hot, and gorgeous. If he ever came to Washington, D.C., I would love to take him on a personal tour of the city. LOL

  9. If I were ever stranded on a deserted island like this, the 3 things I would want with me are: Deric, Mickens, naked.  Dude is HOT!!

  10. Hot man, but shot 7 after the jump totally ruined the presestation.  If you aren’t going to show it, fine, but don’t cover it up with a cheaply added-in sight blocker.  Much better to just leave the shot completely out of the presentation.

  11. Dear Zeus,

    “Men of color” is not racist. It’s the accepted term for, oh, MEN OF COLOR. Take your pseudo-colorblindness and shove it up your ass. That’s the real racist garbage here, not someone making the (COMPLETELY ACCURATE) point that Manhunt Daily, on the whole, is skinny young white men all day, every day.

    Someone who makes a living in the social justice movement.

  12. Carter Steele (above) got it 100% right and I applaud him for his totally acurate and well-balanced comment. As a gay man who has a natural preferance for men of colour,”I couldn’t have said it better myself!”

  13. Too be fair, Manhunt Daily’s main male type that is featured is hairy muscle men or hairy men in general. 

    The name says it all, just sayin’…

  14. Carter Steele once again you are very will spoken and articulate and I thank you for that ! It is so unfortunate that in 2012  ( three years after the election of America first African American president ) race is still very prevalent and most unfortunate  very relevant in this community . I as a proud African American  am truly humble for the fact  that YOU and I  ( and like  so many more ) are able to see the beauty that comes  with in all of  GODS creatures and even though beauty is often recognized for being skin deep I do believe that it is so much more than that . Therefore Carter I THANK YOU  4 your comments and to those who might argue that these are just mere words my response to them is simple , history has long dictated that CHANGE has to start from so where .     & AGAIN  Cater  I THANK YOU !!      

  15. Zeus  U and I have spared in the past and I am sure we will again in the future ( LOL )  but I do understand the point that U are trying 2 make not that we are on the same page because I believe   ethnicity is what makes us who we are  . Never the less your point is well taken !

  16. Whenever a black model is posted, it never fails that race becomes a part of the comments. never fails. In one way or another it creeps in. When it’s a white model, the comments never/rarely mention race or allude to it at all. Why is that? 

  17. Putting all the social/political commentary aside: This guy is so handsome and hot I do not pay attention to any color. He’s just a truly sexy specimen of manhood. Yum.

  18. Cortez, the majority of the men posted on here are white and their man readership is white males, many who share racist beliegs, blacks are inferior and whites are superior. In the eyes of most whites, being white is a sign of beauty and black is not.

  19. Correction:

    @Corteza, many whites share racist beliefs, blacks are inferior and whites are superior. In the eyes of most whites, Caucasian is a sign of beauty and black is not. You have no right to say close comments featuring pictures of black models. I find your comment to be repulsive.

  20. This just goes to show how you and others are way too sensitive to things. Just like the “men of color” comment that was blown out of proportion. You and others always bring your racial baggage into this with you. That’s repulsive. 

  21. Cortez, what is your race may I ask? Do you know what it’s like to be a black man in society? You sound like a bitter, bitter, Queen. Why don’t you stop posting on here? If you don’t like what people have to say, keep your thoughts to yourself.

  22. Well, As a man of color I believe it is fine to say there is a lack of people of color on manhunt and in many places. People of color extends beyond the racial boundaries of black and white.  It includes the spectrum, which on this blog and in many aspects of media is almost mute. When you nit pick about phrasing you make people uncomfortable to speak.  When we are silenced, there can be no change.  Instead of harshing down on each other we should be supportive, whether it be age, size, of creed.  

  23. Um, I am not bitter. I could care less about what life is like for you. Newsflash this is a message board, people can post whatever they want and people have the right to respond. Sorry if all my responses aren’t “woof” or ” I’d fuck em'” Why do you and  I clash? 

  24. Cortez, shut the fuck up, you bitter Queen. You are right, people have a right to make comments on this blog. How dare you to say closed the comments featuring black models.

  25. Cortez  you must not be to bright because did you not just say ( about 2 comments above ) Newsflash this is a message board  people can post what ever they want  and people have the right to respond. Sorry  if you do not like my response ASSHOLE !!!

  26. Big talk buddy. Take your sensitive self  to therapy with Kenny above. You two obviously have racial issues that you’re hung up on. I feel bad for you guys. If the two of you are both black you should celebrate that beauty and stop trying to project your insecurities on others just because they don’t think like you. thanks. 

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