Quickie: Broadway Bares

Now THIS is how you put on a fundraiser. NYC’s Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS organization puts on an annual burlesque show to raise money for the fight against HIV and AIDS called Broadway Bares. It’s genius, because nothing makes me want to make it rain more than watching dudes painting each other’s bare asses and then gyrating erotically with each other. This is all done in an “artistic” manner, of course.

In all honesty, it’s a great idea and the toast of Broadway takes part. They’ve raised over 7.5 million since the first Broadway Bares in 1992! The latest one, which was held on June 19, raised more than 1.1 million alone!

For more information, here’s their website.

– J. Harvey

For more pics (and a clip of a sexy George Washington act) from Broadway Bares, Follow the JUMP:

48 thoughts on “Quickie: Broadway Bares

  1. their best Broadway Bares was their greek myth themed one – and there have been some fantastic calendars and a great book produced. The UK version did not quite hit the same sensual heights.

  2. Holy Liza Barbra Cher!  So wait, I can pay money to watch a bunch of beautiful, muscular, almost naked guys erotically rub paint all over each other in an exhibitionist orgy, have the money go to a good cause, and probably get a tax writeoff for…well, getting off?  God, is this a great country or what?!

  3. I was there for the it, and while this clip gives you an idea, it does not do this performance justice. The entire show was wildly entertaining, overall being very clever and  cheeky.  It’s not a Tony award winning show – it’s  burlesque after all.  You can tell all 180+ performers really enjoyed doing something totally different. And yes, it did include quite a number of women (not drag) performers as well.  

  4. WTF???? did they just make american history hot and sexy?
    probably straight though

  5. Gentlemen, it’s time to get out more!!
     Is a stage full of broadway professionals giving their all (and a bit more than usual )via Burlesque  a bad thing? I’ve been lucky enough to see 7 years of these fundraisers with some of broadways finest voices and dancing, it’s a phenomenal night and a incredibly worthy cause.So they show skin and ass…. has anyone ever been to vegas???
    Aunt East and Aunt T, go back to your knitting… should someone  tell David Hyde Pierce he’s gone low-rent?! I think Not!

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