Quickie: Brennan

Are you a fan of low hangers? Like, the kind of balls that you could swing to safety on, should you ever find yourself in the jungle getting chased by hungry lions? Then we’d like to introduce you to Brennan. He’s equipped with a huge pair of nuts that would feel great bumping against your chin. There’s just one teensy problem. They dangle down so low that, were fucking your face, they might miss your chin.

Of course, maybe you’d rather be tugging on them, as you get him on all fours and lick his fuzzy hole. Or maybe you’d rather be fucking him. Or maybe you’d rather be covering his beautiful smile with your butthole. Or maybe you’d rather be… Oh, fuck it! You’ll want to do everything with him.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Sean Cody

To fall in love with Brennan’s scrotum, follow the JUMP:

383 thoughts on “Quickie: Brennan

  1. The best you have ever shown.
    Perfect arse and balls view.
    I want him for hours of fun.
    Please feature again soon.

  2. I Luv Low Hangers and he’s Adorable. The photo of him on the sofa from behind is HOT!!!! Those Balls hangin down are the Perfect invite to Male on Male Sex – who wouldn’t want to Mount that up?

  3. Adorable.¬†¬† Low hangers don’t do much for me, but I could lick that hole and kiss those feet all night.¬† Refreshingly tattoo-free too.

  4. Love, love, love lowhangers, but porn sites hardly ever do anything fun with them.¬† Remember Tucker on Sean Cody who smacked his nuts around while masturbating?¬† SOOOO fuckin’ hot!

  5. Do your balls hang low?Do they wobble to and fro?Can you tie ’em in a knot?Can you tie ’em in a bow?Can you throw ’em o’er your shoulderLike a regimental (or continental) soldierDo your balls hang low?Do your balls stand high?
    Do they reach up to the sky?
    Do they droop when they are wet?
    Do they stiffen when they’re dry?
    Can you semaphore your neighbor
    With a minimum of labor?
    Do your balls stand high?Do your balls flip-flop?
    Can you use them as a mop?
    Are they stringy at the bottom?
    Are they curly at the top?
    Can you use them for a swatter?
    Can you use them for a blotter?
    Do your balls flip-flop?Do your balls stick out?
    Can you waggle them about?
    Can you flap them up and down
    As you fly around the town?
    Can you shut them up for sure
    When you hear an awful bore?
    Do your balls stick out?Do your balls give snacks?Are they all filled up with wax?Do you eat it in the morningDo you eat it in the bath?Do you eat it with a sconeOr do you eat it on its own?Do your balls give snacks?

  6. those cock and balls spell d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!!!    And  the  man is  so   handsomely wholesome looking  but with a  devilish twinkle in his eyes.  His smile  would  melt a glacier.  What  a  prize  he would be!!!!!

  7. I could lose myself in those bee-utiful low hangin’ balls and big feet!¬† He just screams GOOD TIME!!!!!

  8. loved the ass shot, all set for some rimmin’
    as for the low hangers, have some fresh lemons for a tea baggin’

  9. He is very attractive and hot but, OMG how do you ever get past starring at those luscious balls.  What a fabulous sack.

  10. Seems we all want what we don’t have, but let me tell you, low-hangers are very uncomfortable. Mine are huge and hang lower than his, and I frequently have to discretely shove a hand down my pants to pull them up so I don’t sit on them. I wish they were high and tight. That turns me on.

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