Manhunt Daily Wood: Antonio Vizcaino

Talk about lean and mean. Big rangy Antonio Vizcaino is a hot male model, who will hopefully wrap his wiry arms around you and kiss you with his sensuous lips. That’s when you’re not doing your laundry on his abs.

Greg Vaughan has some beautiful subjects.

Antonio also gets points for cultivating his treasure trail. Models need to embrace the happy that comes from a trail of hair pointing us all in the right direction. We should start a campaign. We’re going to need more photos, Tony.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Greg Vaughan

For more pics of Antonio, Follow the JUMP:

14 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: Antonio Vizcaino

  1. Yes a very lean sexy man.  Where is the treasure trail?  Bigdee is funny, Grace Jones is hot lol, i’d love to pull up to his bumper…

  2. extreme hot –
    u can just imagine how I 4 finger banged myself and lost my college football ring up my – well you don’t wanna know the details – SOOOO HOT!

  3. HOT no matter what team he plays for! More than hot, he’s FUCKIN’ GORGEOUS!!!!  I see there’s a couple haters on here, the usual crap!

  4. OM*G i could stay on that forever cos he’s not just HOT but like a fantasy waiting to be realised

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