Quickie: Andre Huefler

Andre Huefler, scruff, model
As soon as I laid my eyes on Andre Huefler, it wasn't too long before a tent began forming in my pants. This 35 year-old model hails from Chicago, and he'll have you booking your ticket to the Windy City faster than you can say "bend me over, daddy". Though you might want to wait until you meet him before saying that…

Andre's tattoos give him a bad boy edge, and the few glimpses we can get of his cock indicate that he's probably very hung. Though with a gorgeous ass like his, it'd be difficult to decide which side to start on! Flip a coin?

– Dewitt 

Photo credit: Tom Bianchi

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Andre Huefler

Andre Huefler

Andre Huefler, male model, naked, erotic, artistic, posing, Chicago, ass, butt, cock, dick, hung, 35 year-old, daddy, muscular, masculine, tattoos, kinky, boot-licking

Andre Huefler

Andre Huefler

Andre Huefler, naked, cock, wet underwear, body, model

12 thoughts on “Quickie: Andre Huefler

  1. LOL @ smidge. This guy’ll be hotter ten years from now than the vast majority of us at any age.

  2. smidge’s douchey attitude probably stops him from getting any ass whatsoever. Let him be bitter and alone.
    Luckily I’m already in the windy city. I’ll have to look this man up 😉

  3. wow:-)
    i have no idea how my pictures ended up here-thx for your compliments though:-)do appreciate that a lot

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