Put Your Beard On My Butt.

After over five years of dicks and butts in my face on a daily basis, I spent the last month abstaining from sex under the entirely false assumption that I’d spend time focusing on myself, my art and my general well-being. This plan wound up backfiring. Most of my time was spent masturbating, thinking about masturbating or wishing I was naked with another dude. I’ve literally done nothing to improve myself within this period, and I’m fairly certain I would have done more if I had an occasional release.

Needless to say? I am pretty pent up and ready to explode! When I saw Spanish Manhunt member Iorek_mad, all I could think about was shoving his face between my butt cheeks and feeling his whiskers rub against my taint. Right now, I’d like nothing more than to ride his tongue until I explode all over his hairy chest.

Coincidentally, Iorek_mad writes in his profile that he’s visiting New York. If he happened to send me a message and say he’d gladly lick my butt, then I would consider hopping in my car, taking a bus or doing whatever it takes to sit on his face.

– Dewitt

Check out even more pictures of this man’s glorious beard below:






Head over here to view his full profile or send him a message.



8 thoughts on “Put Your Beard On My Butt.

  1. And I’m sorry to hear about your poor life choices, Dewitt. Wish I could help you make up for it.
    P.S. I now have a massive beard that can act as a seat for you.

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