Power Rangers Reboot Will Reportedly Make Blue Ranger Gay

The 2017 Power Rangers film was not very well-received by fans, and it appears the studio is abandoning any plans for sequels and are instead giving the long-running franchise another reboot. There are a lot of changes set to take place in the upcoming film, too, and one of them is that they’re going to make the Blue Ranger gay.

Despite having stars like Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott and Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery, the last big screen endeavor from the Power Rangers was a lackluster affair with way too much Krispy Kreme product placement. The studio is making the right call with putting this version to bed then and starting from scratch with The End of the Fing World director Jonathan Entwistle, who’s cooked up a take on the property that will involve time travel similar to Back to The Future and is set to take place mostly in the 1990s.

But that isn’t the only change this new chapter will make. According to our sources – the same ones who said Paramount was rebooting Transformers and a Ms. Marvel show was coming to Disney Plus, both of which have since been confirmed – the studio is also planning to make the Blue Ranger gay in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot. That’s in addition to having the Red Ranger being female this time around as well.

But not everything will be brand new in the next movie, as there may be a stellar blast from the past for old school fans. As we told you a few days back, the original Pink and Green Rangers are reportedly returning for the reboot, giving audiences a nice balance of old and new to experience when the movie releases.
Of course, the lack of representation of LGBTQ characters in film has been a cause for concern for some time now.

But moves like this continue to demonstrate the industry’s efforts at changing that. The Power Rangers have always embraced diversity, ever since their humble beginnings, and it’s nice to see that the franchise continues to lead the way in that department. All these changes make it seem like the next Power Rangers film is moving in the right direction and we can’t wait to see what else the producers might be cooking up for us.

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