Popular Demand: Top Ten Men & Kris Allen

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Our weekly countdown of the hottest men on Earth came out on top, taking the number one spot as last week's Most Popular post. Just a reminder–there's still time to vote in the polls, so make sure you head over to the entry and let us know who your favorite hunks are.

Speaking of hunks, American Idol winner Kris Allen took the prize as last week's Most Discussed post, after a ridiculous debate on whether or not he's "flabby". Um, if that boy's flabby then I don't ever want to know what you guys would say about my body! So who will you wrongly accuse of being fat this week? Only time will tell, but we look forward to mocking you for it.

– Dewitt

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  2. Everything Butt: Jimmy Clay
  3. Chasen Hart Bottoms For Dallas Reeves
  4. In Which Dawson Fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall
  5. American Idol's Kris Allen Gets Naked In Public
  6. Just The Tips: So You Want To Be Versatile…
  7. Quickie: Neal
  8. Andy Roddick Is Workin' His Badonkadonk
  9. River Viiperi by Ben Lamberty
  10. Hot Flash: Fred Goudon




  1. American Idol's Kris Allen Gets Naked In Public (34 Comments)
  2. Caption This: Television Time (30 Comments)
  3. Woof Alert: Bentley (20 Comments)
  4. Have You Ever: Fallen Asleep During A Hook-Up? (20 Comments)
  5. Chasen Hart Bottoms For Dallas Reeves (20 Comments)
  6. Quickie: Dan St. Peter (17 Comments)
  7. Hot or Not?: Sock Fetishes (17 Comments)
  8. Who Would You Rather?: Big Bang Theory (17 Comments)
  9. Quickie: Kyle Allen Nichols (16 Comments)
  10. NPH Throws Shade At Rupert Everett (16 Comments)



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Gay Hunk

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