Popular Demand: The 100 Hottest Posts of 2013

Happy New Year, you horny bastards! The time has come to put a rest to our 2013 Best of Manhunt Daily series, but before we do so, we have to gather in a circle, sing Katy Perry‘s “Roar” into one another’s buttholes and consecrate our M4M brotherhood by counting down the 100 most popular entries of the year. From sketchy incest comics to whopping 10-inch cocks, we had a great run over the past twelve months, breaking Manhunt Daily‘s daily/weekly traffic records over and over again.

(See last year’s list here.)

None of this would be possible without you, and with that in mind, I’d like to personally show my gratitude by leaking the link to MY NASTY-ASS SEX TAPE… Oops! Did I copy and paste the wrong link there? I guess you’ll have to wait until next year to find out what I look like with a 9 inch long, 7.5 inch thick cock down my throat.

– Dewitt

Scroll on through for the 100 most popular posts of 2013:


100 – 91:

Cameron and Chandler for Corbin Fisher

100. Everything Butt: Quinn Jaxon
99. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Great Battle Between The Boys of Bel Ami & The Boys of Corbin Fisher
98. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Kris Evans Saving A Horse, Riding A Mick Lovell (Then Having An Orgy)
97. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: David Ken’s 10-Inch Meat (II)
96. Everything Butt: Connor Kline (AKA Brice Banyan, AKA Brice From Sean Cody)
95. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Mick Lovell
94. Quickie: Saul Harris (AKA Sean Cody Model Hudson)
93. Three’s Company: Kevin Warhol, Todd Rossett & Andre Boleyn
92. The Amateur Hour: Boyfriends On Cam
91. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Tomas Brand


90 – 81:

Adam Wirthmore

90. What Would You Do?: I’m Fucking This Married Daddy’s Big, Bodybuilder Bubble Butt
89. Paddy O’Brian & Marcus Ruhl: Bringing Out The Best In One Another
88. Adam Wirthmore Goes Bareback With Chaos Men’s Vander
87. Everything Butt: Shawn Wolfe
86. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Various Bel Ami Models Who Are NOT Lukas Ridgeston
85. The Locker Room: George Burgess Sext Pics Edition
84. Celebrity Skin: Stephen Amell’s Butt
83. Drawn To You: Sex Ed With The Coach
82. Where Are They Now?: 16 Recent Pictures of Gay Porn Legend Steve Kelso
81. Tanner Should Have Said “Please” Before Aiden Barebacked Him On Corbin Fisher.


80 – 71:

Michael Cera

80. Celebrity Skin: Channing Tatum & Michael Cera’s Butts
79. Manhunt Daily Wood: Will
78. Move On Over & Let Me Hop On Adam Levine’s DICK!
77. Thank Cock It’s Friday: Rogan Richards Fucks Dario Beck ‘Til He Cums
76. Colby Keller & Anthony Romero: The Most Incredible Pairing In Gay Porn History?!?!
75. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Dirk Willis
74. Jimmy Fanz Is Perfect In “The Woods”
73. Manhunt Daily Wood: Mike Stalker
72. Celebrity Skin: Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Butt
71. “Timberwolves” Is Rugged, Nasty & Everything I Want In A Gay Porn Film


70 – 61:

Jonathan Klay

70. Manhunt Daily Wood: CG Kelly
69. A Thing of Beauty: For Those of You Who Can’t Get Enough of Colby Keller & Dale Cooper
68. How Do These Czech Hunter Models Keep Getting Cuter?
67. Jonathan Klay From “Naked & Afraid” Did Porn Too
66. Celebrity Skin: Bear Grylls Naked
65. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Colby Keller (II)
64. Exclusive Interview With Dale Cooper
63. Sean Cody’s Daniel ALSO Just Lost His Butt Virginity
62. EPIC NEWS: Sean Cody Offers Free Video Previews!
61. Josh Long & Jimmy Fanz Are 2013’s Most Aesthetically Pleasing Scene Partners.


60 – 51:

Abe & Charley

60. Boomer Banks: Is This The Hugest Dick In Gay Porn?
59. Flashback Friday: Pete Kuzak
58. A Comprehensive Guide To Lukas Ridgeston’s 2013 Comeback
57. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Andrew Stark Fucking Four Hungry Asses In A Row
56. Thank Cock It’s Friday: Colby Keller, JD Phoenix, Dale Cooper & Gabriel Clark
55. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Colby Jansen
54. Fuck Vs. Fuck: Battle of The Hot Sean Cody Sluts
53. Thank Cock It’s Friday: Jimmy Fanz Makes Us Want To Fuck A Random Homeless Guy
52. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By The Exciting Adventures of Paddy O’Bottom
51. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Hot Naked Marines


50 – 41:

Marcus Ruhl

50. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Sean Xavier (III)
49. Everything Butt: Marcus Ruhl
48. Celebrity Skin: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dick, Ass & Gay Sex Scenes
47. Three’s Company: Jake Bass, Max Ryder & Kevin Warhol
46. Party of Five: Kris Evans & The Kinky Angels
45. Is This The Lukas Ridgeston Comeback We’ve All Been Waiting For?
44. I’ve Never Done This Before: Smith Has Gay Sex For The First Time
43. Manhunt Daily Wood: Lance Parker II
42. Flipping Out: Paddy O’Brian & Gabriel Clark
41. EXCLUSIVE: Cody Cummings Is Dating Hunter Page, Putting His Gay-For-Pay Days Behind Him


40 – 31:

Rocco Reed

40. Celebrity Skin: Ryan Kwanten’s Butt In Not Suitable For Children
39. 12 Ways Former Straight Porn Star Rocco Reed Can Become A Much Better Gay Porn Star
38. Celebrity Skin: James Purefoy’s Dick & Ass
37. Hot or Not: Small Dicks
36. Maximillion Kong Is The Verbal Muscle Daddy of My Dreams (And He’s Fucking Johnny Rapid)
35. 82 Glorious Seconds of Lukas Ridgeston’s Gay Porn Comeback
34. Drawn To You: Locked In His Gaze
33. Celebrity Skin: James Franco’s Butt
32. The Day My Penis Died: Josh Long Retires From Gay Porn To Work In A Office Like A Boring Normal Person
31. Celebrity Skin: Kellan Lutz’s Butt


30 – 21:

Dato Foland

30. Celebrity Skin: James Wells
29. Seth Fornea Is Doing Gay Porn Now.
28. Lukas Ridgeston Plays A Hands-On Role With Kris Evans & Jack Harrer
27. Manhunt Daily Wood: Sean Cody’s Gorgeous, Hairy Muscle Jock Charles
26. Drawn To You: Further Tales of Sons & Fathers
25. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Bottoms of Paddy O’Brian
24. Colby Keller & Johnny Rapid Are Perfect Together In “Pervy Professor”
23. Everything Butt: Christian Wilde’s Bottoming Debut Is The Best In The History of Butts!!!!
22. Drawn To You: Lex Stern M.D.
21. Dato Foland Is Your New Favorite Porn Star.


20 – 11:

dicks and phones

20. Doctors and Dads 2: Joe Gage Pushes The Boundaries (Yet Again)
19. Thank Cock It’s Friday: Chris Rockway Bottoms For The First Time In Three Years
18. Celebrity Skin: Alexander Skarsgård‘s Dick
17. Joe Gage’s “Dad Gets Into Trouble” Tackles More Taboos, Solidifies Allen Silver’s Status As Gay Porn’s Ultimate Silver Daddy.
16. Celebrity Skin: Peeta’s Peen
15. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Hudson Is Beer Can Thick
14. Yup! You Can Unlock Your iPhone 5S With Your Penis.
13. Who Did Paddy O’Brian Bottom For?
12. Did Cody Cummings Bottom For Steven Wild?
11. Lukas Ridgeston Is (Officially) Back!



Zeb Atlas

We wrote: “You either ‘get’ Zeb Atlas or you don’t. There isn’t much of a grey area here. Some of us look at him and fantasize about how hot it’d be to be dominated by such a gigantic, powerhouse bodybuilder. The remaining few glance over and think to themselves, ‘No thank you! That is too much man.’ Or they make some dumb comments about steroid use, his facial expressions or his occasionally lackluster gay porn performances… Either way, this post isn’t about Zeb. It’s about the guys he’s fucking.”



R.I.P. Cody Cummings

We wrote: “Sadly, Cody Cummings has left us before he (actually) bottomed on camera. The performer, real name Kevin Lengyel, parted ways with Next Door Studios after they refused to let him film more bisexual content (as reported by our dear friends at The Sword). Cody Cummings, as a brand, is officially dead. There will be no future updates on the site.”



Scott Evans

We wrote“As some of you might know, Scott Evans is the openly gay brother of actor Chris Evans. He earned his own slice of fame as one half of gay couple ‘Kish’ on the soap opera One Life To Live, and at some point thereafter, a collection of his (alleged) naked selfies began floating around Tumblr and other corners of the internet.”



Johnny Galecki

We wrote“Johnny Galecki, perhaps most known for his role on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, played a male prostitute in the 2006-2007 Broadway production The Little Dog Laughed. The role called for full-frontal nudity, and when Johnny heard the call, he answered with his dick swinging around on stage.”



James Jamesson autofellatio DBJ

We wrote: “What’s hotter than watching James Jamesson, one of gay porn’s hottest gingers, suck his own cock? We’ll tell you what—watching James Jamesson suck his own cock with Dale Cooper‘s help! These two gorgeous male specimens crossed paths in Raging Stallion‘s new circus-themed porno Behind The Big Top, and their scene together may have just become my latest go-to clip for masturbatory purposes.”



Aladdin's Gay Disney Orgy

We wrote“Last Friday, one of my dear colleagues at Manhunt sent me a link to Gay Disney Sluts, a site full of toon porn with Prince Eric, Gaston, Hercules and other popular characters in compromising, all-too-erotic positions… This particular strip by Iceman Blue got a lot of attention, if not only because it featured ten naked toons shooting magical loads all over the place. I mean, let’s be honest! If Aladdin found a genie in a lamp, this is what he really would have wished for.”



Justin Bieber's Gaping Boy Cunt

We wrote: “From there, Justin realized that this was much more than a ‘school project’, but he didn’t mind at all! He had plenty of practice sucking dick and throwing his ankles in the air, because uh, how else do you explain ‘Beauty and a Beat’ becoming a top ten hit? You can’t. You really can’t.”



My Wild and Raunchy Son

We wrote“Josman‘s 2002 erotic gay comic ‘My Wild & Raunchy Son’ is so taboo with its father/son incest scenario, I almost considered not posting it on Manhunt Daily. Technically, it’s no worse than Joe Gage‘s Doctors and Dads 2, the Peters Twins or Animan‘s short film Lex Stern M.D. (the latter of which remains one of this year’s most popular Drawn To You features), but um, even I’ve got to admit I was a little uncomfortable while reading this story. Please take into account that few things make me uncomfortable. I write about clown porn and scenes like this on a semi-regular basis.”



Christopher Meloni Naked

We wrote: “You can say whatever you want about gay-for-pay(ish) porn star Cody Cummings. At the end of the day, eighty percent of us are silently masturbating to his pics in the dark and (maybe) hating ourselves, while the rest of the world complains about his alleged homophobia, love of vagina, cock-teasing ways, etc… In fact, a decent portion of people in the latter group are also masturbating to his pics in the dark and (definitely) hating themselves. That’s just the way it goes!”



Hot Czech Hunter Slut

We wrote: “He’s like Jimmy Fanz‘s younger brother with a dash of Adam Levine‘s swagger. More importantly? He’s one of the first Czech Hunter subjects who’s down to fuck from the very beginning. Sure, there’s the brief hesitation about his girlfriend and everything, but as soon as the wads of cash come out, he’s basically spreading his cheeks and begging to get rammed like a bitch.”


Best of Manhunt Daily 2013


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