Popular Demand: Muscle Stud and Mushroom Heads

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Since last week's Popular Demand post went over so well, we figured we'd continue our weekly round-up of the most popular and most discussed posts on MANHUNT Daily. From mushroom heads to Brazilian hotties, last week was rather steamy in our office. We could hardly keep our pants on! 

Be sure to check out all the hotness and heated dialogue you may have missed. And of course dildos and naked celebrities are involved! Because why wouldn't they be involved?

– Dewitt

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  1. Muscle Stud Shows Off For G Online
  2. iPhone Wars: Battle of The Big Ones
  3. Celebrity Skin: Eric Balfour
  4. Trevor Donovan's Naked Past
  5. MANHUNT Daily Wood: Tyler Bachtel
  6. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Jacob
  7. Scott Evans Shirtless And Bulgin' On One Life To Live
  8. Nick Zano's Leaked Sex Tape
  9. Just The Tips: Take It Out Of The Bedroom
  10. Mushroom Heads: Hot or Not?



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  1. Mushroom Heads: Hot or Not? (36 Comments)
  2. Muscle Stud Shows Off For G Online (23 Comments)
  3. Random Question: Is It Creepy To Take Photos Of Hot Strangers? (17 Comments)
  4. iPhone Wars: Battle of The Big Ones (17 Comments)
  5. Unlockables: Prop It Up (13 Comments)
  6. Lil' Mama Puts On Her Best Dr. Phil Face (13 Comments)
  7. Who Would You Rather?: Special Log-in Model Edition Part V (12 Comments)
  8. Scott Herman Shows Off In Skivvies (11 Comments)
  9. Caption This: Passed Out (11 Comments)
  10. Thankfully, Adam Coussins Is Not My Cousin (11 Comments)



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OMG Blog

3 thoughts on “Popular Demand: Muscle Stud and Mushroom Heads

  1. Models on the ManHunt login page? I would like to see a few more guys that are a bit older/more mature, a bit more beefy, and with a hairy chest-torso-body or a beard! Thanks!

  2. Yes, Sir, Beef and hair with a beard, maybe around 40yo. Sounds perfect.
    There’s been a few new login models, and it’s always nice when there’s a new one, but I’d love to be able to vote for them and only get the ones I vote “yes” for, That way, Manhunt always greets me with a guy who gets me hot.

  3. I was just going to say the same thing … let me choose which login models I wish to see, then rotate through them on the main page as well so I always have the eye candy I wish to see …
    I seem to always get the ones that I really like only when I’m clicking through quickly and don’t get to sit and enjoy the scene.

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