Please Shoot Your Load On Me, Man From Argentina

Okay, so it might not have the ring of that old chestnut from Evita, but seriously, how much do I want to ride this fella’s dick and then get hosed down with a hot sperm shower? His name, or his screen name at least, is FranciscoPrimero, and thanks to Manhunt‘s new web geo-location whatsything, I know that he’s in Buenos Aires, a mere 5,346 miles away from where I’m currently jerking off.

This guy pushes all my buttons: the first thing I noticed was his come hither stare in the first photo, and it got me thinking that this guy’s probably got a very dirty mind. And then I saw the second photo and got distracted by his come hither nipples, and pretty much had to stop myself from licking the screen. And then in the next photo it was the beard that caught my eye. It’s one of those ultimate rimjob beards, not too long but significant enough that it would feel great brushing my butt cheeks while my hole gets a tongue bath. And then in the next picture it was the chest hair, and I started thinking about what it would feel like against my back as he pressed into me from behind. And then there’s that cock in photo #5, all thick and slightly curved, and I imagined swallowing it down to the base, coaxing the jizz out slowly.

And then I went back to the first photo, because I realized I hadn’t paid nearly enough attention to his impressive arms, his furry armpits, or his fine, fine ass. Seriously, based on the evidence presented here, I think this is the single most perfect body I’ve seen in I don’t even know how long.

I wonder if he’d mind being called Daddy?


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23 thoughts on “Please Shoot Your Load On Me, Man From Argentina

  1. Please let him shoot on me too! Sharing is caring and I would take every drop from this man. His face, his body, and that perfect uncut cock! Wow!

  2. I was deceived as well with a title like “shoot your load on me”
    But I guess if it was you, Dewitt, it would be, “shoot your load IN me”

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