Please, Please, Please Stuff Me From Behind

This fuzzy, muscular fellow first caught my attention with his broad, powerful shoulders. Then, upon further inspection, my desire to drop down on all fours grew even stronger than it was before. He’s got this one picture in his Manhunt profile where he’s sporting a leather cap and ramming another guy from behind. It’s small and blurry, but it does the trick (by making me wish he were ramming me from behind).

If any of this sounds appealing, you can find him on Manhunt under the oh-so-simple name “picpic“, and more specifically, you can find him in Montreal… He might not be there for long, though! He writes in his profile that he’s looking for work in the United States, so if you know anyone who’s hiring, maybe he’d offer you a referral bonus in the form of a good, solid shag. You never know.

– Dewitt

Check out more pics of this dominant god below:







Head over here to view his full profile or send him a message.



7 thoughts on “Please, Please, Please Stuff Me From Behind

  1. The guy ramming has a tattoo unlike the other pics. Either the other pics are all older or that’s a look-alike in leather. Either way, I’d happily sponsor him.

  2. Pic 5, stuffing from behind…. OMG. I would pay for that scene in a video. I would pay for the opportunity of being ‘escorted’ like that! No really…. probably several times! IN 1 weekend. DAMN!

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