Please Enjoy This Especially Sexy Behind-The-Scenes Look At Ryan Gosling’s New Flick

I am SO hyped for Only God Forgives. It’s Ryan Gosling’s next collaboration with his Drive director¬†Nicolas Winding Refn. The world’s sexiest man plays a guy in Bangkok who has to avenge his brother’s death. The trailers are below.

Before you watch those, however, you gotta watch the very first vid. It’s a behind-the-scenes look of the movie, and Ryan is so brutally sexy just doing ordinary things. First off, he’s boxing. No shirt. And sweating. And then he’s talking about sex and violence with the director. Well, actually the director is yapping. Ryan is throwing these “I fucking want you” looks at the camera. I am a grown-ass man, but I would totes cover my bedroom wall with his posters so I could pleasure myself. Cuz’ he’s not going to do gay porn anytime soon so we need to take what we can get.

Also be forewarned. Kristen Scott Thomas as Gosling’s fierce-looking mother is scary as fuck!

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