Pet Shop Boys Feature Trans Roller Derby Girl In “Winner”

This video for PSB’s new single “Winner” is rad. I got a little teary actually. Because if I was gender dysmorphic or a transvestite, this is the kind of shit I want to see ! “Dirty Diana” is the newest edition to the London Rollergirls, and she’s a transwoman. If I get my terms wrong, please correct me. When Diana’s “roller wife” explained that she wants to “help her grow into herself a little more while she’s playing roller derby and help her to gain more confidence so she can develop into the woman that you really should be,” my heart got all big for her.

Pet Shop Boys make me happy, but I initially thought this track was a little too on the nose at first. “Winner” and the 2012 Olympics are in London this year and so on. But this video really made me love the song. What do you think?

– J. Harvey

To watch “Winner” and meet “Dirty Diana”, Follow the JUMP:

7 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys Feature Trans Roller Derby Girl In “Winner”

  1. So often we hear about “tolerance.” If we’re lucky, we hear about “acceptance.” This goes beyond tolerance, beyond acceptance, to the ultimate: embracing. Yay, London Rollergirls, and yay Petshop Boys!

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