Penis Enlargement: Does The Bathmate Hydro Pump Actually Work?

After studying the effects of Bathmate‘s Hydromax pump, a group of European doctors concluded that the product is “the most effective tool ever invented by mankind” for penis enlargement, giving their expert opinion that it’s both safer and more cost effective than traditional air pumps, oral supplements or surgical interference.

Of course, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t trust science, then maybe you’d rather take the word of a vaguely famous person! Award-winning gay porn top Austin Wolf has personally vouched for the Bathmate‘s ability to increase sexual stamina and produce harder, longer-lasting erections. The 6’4″ tall, 235 pound god was so smitten with the product, he agreed to demonstrate its effects in a solo shower video.

“It’s my first promotional video for a product,” Wolf revealed when discussing his decision to take part in the project. “I wanted to be careful about what I endorsed. I wanted to believe in it… Once I tried out the Hydromax, I knew that my performance would be real and authentic.”

According to their site, the Bathmate Hydromax pump utilizes the power of water to fill and stretch the spongy tubes inside your dick which are responsible for rigidity and duration. They claim daily usage can result in an increase in both length and girth… But does it work? Both Dr. Abraham Smith and Austin Wolf say “yes”, and if you’re still skeptical, you have 60 days risk-free to find out for yourself.

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– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bathmate

Check out a video of Austin Wolf demonstrating the Bathmate hydro pump below:

Bathmate Hydro Pump demonstration with gay porn star Austin Wolf - effective penis enlargement tool

Bathmate Hydro Pump demonstration with gay porn star Austin Wolf - effective penis enlargement tool

Bathmate Hydro Pump demonstration with gay porn star Austin Wolf - effective penis enlargement tool

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16 thoughts on “Penis Enlargement: Does The Bathmate Hydro Pump Actually Work?

  1. bunch of crap . its long been known that pumps do more harm than good ,. they will increase girth temporarily , its just more fluids in the soft tissue , but it also can cause damage to those tissues, tiny blood vessels can burst . causing your penis to loose sensitivity and firmness over time . had a friend who used one for years , by the time he was 45 , his cock looked deformed because only part of it would get hard because so many vessels had been damaged .

    and the penis is not a muscle , its tissues veins and cartilage. you can’t increase the length of cartilage .
    you can get scientists to say whatever you want if you pay them enough , ask the koch bros. and their climate change scientists . ??? .

  2. there is zero cartilage in a cock. there are 3 “tubes” that become ingorged with blood. look it up….or remember your high school health class

  3. I bought one of these two months ago and I have seen some improvement plus it’s HOT to use right before a session, Some pumps can cause damage but the water mitigates any negative effects.

  4. Ok does anyone else think he’s saying ‘my name is Austin Danger Wolf, and I endorse this Swedish penis pump?

  5. i know a better potential way of getting austin hard….happy to sit on it for him….hey may as well throw it out their lol

  6. Who are these scientists? Pumping has proven in the past to only have immediate short-term results…and long term damage. Whether you use air, water or even pixy dust, it’s still pumping and that’s not a good thing for our business.

  7. that was the point of my rant , a lot of people will believe anything you say if they seem credible til someone exposes the lie.
    and the tubes you refer too , are erectile tissue .and tiny blood vessels that can break, this breakage causes some to have straight penises and other have curved penises because of damage to the tissue and blood vessels .
    and the very flexible harder parts of your penis when soft is cartilage
    never heard the 3 tube analogy , heard the three parts base , shaft , and head .

  8. Hot video, Austin is such a stud! Like anything, it comes down to moderation. Two years ago I was having some performance issues and I bought a pump. Not a Hydromax, but a run of the mill pump. After using it a few times a week I saw a big improvement in my girth, performance and stamina.

  9. You seriously haven’t heard of those 3 tubes? I wikied it for you: The human penis is made up of three columns of tissue: two corpora cavernosa lie next to each other on the dorsal side and one corpus spongiosum lies between them on the ventral side.

    And there is no cartilage in your penis. The harder parts you feel when soft is probably the spongy tissue.

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