Paul Walker Died In A Car Crash

In “what the fuck, really?” news, Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker was killed in a car crash on Friday afternoon. Paul and a friend had just left a Typhoon Haiayn fundraiser when his Porsche hit a tree and exploded. He was 40.

I’m not saying that it’s any more tragic than any other death, but there is a little less beauty in the world today with Paul Walker gone. He was a gorgeous man, brought joy to gearheads everywhere with the Fast & Furious series, and celebrated his good fortune in Hollywood by giving back to charity. We’ll miss you, Paul.

– J. Harvey



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25 thoughts on “Paul Walker Died In A Car Crash

  1. It was rumored in WEHO that Paul was Bi-sexual. I mean a guy that handsome has got to be either Bi or gay. They don’t make straight men that hot. RIP Paul you will be missed!

  2. J. Harvey – my compliments to a great commentary. Indeed the world has lost a
    very beautiful (man) person. He was beauty personified on the interior & exterior.
    Hot, hot, hot and extremely low-key. A man’s man for all. RIP indeed.

  3. It is immaterial regarding his sexuality, unless you benefited first hand.
    [Which in WeHo, I sincerely doubt…..owning property there & leaving
    for So. Florida to escape the “bubble”….kept the property, lost the
    attitude (thankfully).] Paul Walker was an image that will last into
    the ages, sadly not the man.

  4. What a tragic loss! From all I can read, Paul was as beautiful inside as he was out. He seemed to be a very grounded, sincere man who I’m sure those close to him will miss dearly. I would like to offer them my sincerest condolences at this sad time.

  5. damn was he ever the people mag sexiest man alive? He should been, plus he was a great guy regardless………..

  6. Yes. I agree, and maybe that’s why I feel depressed today. “A little less beauty in the world today.” He was a beautiful guy and a good man.

  7. Dam shame as he was a gorgeous lking guy and dam hot face & bod. Can’t speak about him personally as I never met him. But he certainly went out still young & gd lkin!!! Just a shame and all just for a joy ride.

  8. I was so sad after hearing this.. I was just coming from watching “Best Man Holiday” which was funny and sad.. I look on face book its flooded with Paul Walker I couldn’t believe it ’cause that was crazy to read… it’s so sad he’s always been one of my fav actors and one of my long time star crushes I’ll miss seeing in movies πŸ™
    “Race in Peace” The Beautiful Paul Walker

  9. I was in love with a love man I never met. Now I am left to be in love with a memory. A ghost. A good guy. Someone we all wish we were.

  10. I haven’t stopped crying since I read about it last night. I’ve been a huge fan since I first saw him in “Highway to Heaven” in 1985. Yes, I’m old.

  11. Paul Walker was the first guy I was attracted to, before I understood what that really meant. All I knew was that I kept watching “Meet the Deedles” over and over and getting a boner. He meant a lot to me because of that. He was beautiful inside and out. RIP

  12. Paul explained in an interview why he didn’t marry his daughter’s mother: β€œI knew where I was at with chicks and having fun. I mean, I was sleeping with her friends, for crying out loud. You know what I mean? I was an animal.” That’s so hot πŸ™‚

  13. From all that I have heard Paul was as beautiful of a person on the inside as was on the outside . Rest in Peace & may GOD BLESS !!!

  14. Not a big celebrity follower here, but I felt sad the way I did when I heard Cory Monteith died. It seems “only the good die young” holds some truth.

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