Patriota Twins = Peters Twins of The Fashion Industry

The Patriota Twins aren’t so much a “Will they or won’t they?” act as a “Why the hell are they even entertaining the idea so damn much?” act. It’s one thing to shove a dildo up your brother’s ass on camera. It’s another thing to get fucked alongside your brother on camera. It’s another thing to kiss, suck, rim, fuck and do pretty much whatever with your brother on camera.

At least that’s gay porn, and it’s playing into taboos in a vaguely fucked way that we can understand. These guys are in the fashion industry. Not just in the sense that they’re “models”. They’re getting high-profile gigs with high-profile clients, doing shoots with high-profile (if not a little sleazy) photographers.

Is making light of incestual relationships in the mainstream gay media taking things too far? Or should we all just lighten up and acknowledge they’re playing with a fantasy, one that appeals to our sense of narcissism, danger and the prospect of banging twin brothers at the same time? If you feel so inclined, debate in the comments section.

Sidenote: This appears in the same issue of Attitude magazine that has Cheyenne Jackson on the cover. Make of that information what you will.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Philip Riches

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10 thoughts on “Patriota Twins = Peters Twins of The Fashion Industry

  1. By looking at the bulges I’m guessing one is curious and the other is hetero.  Great shoot, and now I want more diesel in my collection.

  2. YEAH…….there is a definite need to lighten up.  As far as we know, they are just playing to a fantasy.  Nothing more.

  3. Its sexy,  and they have been working the sisters and twins angle in straight advertising and erotica for a century.

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