Papa: “Put Me To Work”


My first impression of Papa‘s “Put Me To Work”? That sounds like a very sexy song title. Before I even hit the play button, I immediately started fantasizing about a hot DILF urging me to put him to work. This hot DILF may or may not have looked like Jeff Stronger, and he may or may not have been on all fours in a jockstrap…

While the actual song wasn’t quite as sexy as I had imagined, it was still very, very good. “Put Me To Work” reminds me (a bit) of Arcade Fire‘s Suburbs album, but not so much that I’d feel comfortable making that comparison. Take a listen to it above and see what you think!

If you like it, you can grab a free download here.

– Dewitt

Click through to hear more of Papa’s music:

Ain’t It So” music video:

I Am The Lion King” music video:

A Good Woman Is Hard To Find EP:

You can support the band by grabbing the EP here. Alternatively, you can just be a freeloader (like me) and download “Put Me To Work” here, as well as the excellent St. Lucia remix of “I Am The Lion King” over here.

2 thoughts on “Papa: “Put Me To Work”

  1. Could you please do a review of Paloma Faith’s “Never tear us apart”. It’s a cover of the INXS song from 1988. Great video as well. Thank you.

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